Can You Eat Ghost Crabs? Safety, Risks, and Cooking Tips

Can You Eat Ghost Crabs

If you happen to be on a coastal beach and found some ghost crabs, you might wonder if they will taste like their fellow species of crabs. When you dig deeper for an answer, you come across two different opinions.

Some say not to eat ghost crabs as they are not good, while others say the opposite. So, you might be having a hard time deciding whether it is okay to eat ghost crabs?

You can eat ghost crabs, and safe for your body. However, it is not ideal to consume them as they have little meat ratio. Similarly, the nutrition value is also less, so it is not worth eating. Taste-wise, ghost crabs have a nice flavor, and you can eat them in various ways. Ensure to clean them properly and remove the sheet and the shell.

As nocturnal sea animals, ghost crabs are often rarely seen in the daytime. If you are curious to know more about them, this article is here to shed light on all your food safety questions related to ghost crabs.

Are Ghost Crabs Edible? Why Or Why Not?

Ghost crabs get their unique name for being pale in color and wandering at night. As much as they are famous for their unique look, eating them as part of the seafood is a point of discussion.

As far as safety and health are concerned, ghost crabs are edible and contain no harmful elements. They are not poisonous to humans, and there have been no reports of severe illness caused by them.

However, it depends upon your personal preferences if you want to have them or not. If you are a seafood enthusiast, you can give ghost crab a try.

But, due to its smaller size, a ghost crab does not offer much meat and thus cannot make a fulfilling meal. It is typically a source of food for birds and raccoons. Nevertheless, it does provide unique flavors, and you can have it for a taste check.

Ensure to cook and clean them well before you consume them. Raw seafood is a carrier of harmful parasites, and similarly, ghost crabs might be having them as well. Also, de-shell them like you would other crab varieties. Once it is clean and cooked thoroughly, you can safely have a bite from them.

Is Eating Ghost Crab Good For Health?

When you think of eating crabs, they are well-known for their high nutritional content. The same cannot be said about ghost crabs as they are tiny creatures and do not contain much flesh. It means that the protein quantity is quite limited, and you might not get much energy from it.

Ghost crabs themselves are consumers of vegetables and also feed on algae. So, eating them will not cause any adverse effects on your body as far as you cook them beforehand. Uncooked ghost crabs have a chance of bacteria lurking inside them. If you accidentally eat them raw, it can lead to stomach-related diseases.

Well-cooked ghost crabs taste good, and you can use them for making delicious soups and broths. The addition of vegetables will help in enhancing their flavors and also increase the overall energy boost. The meat on its own is not sufficient enough as a complete meal.

How Can You Cook Ghost Crab Safely?

If you bought some fresh ghost crabs and want to cook them, you need some prep work. The first step is cleaning your mini crabs.

Remove their sheet and outer shell as you do not require these parts. Afterward, wash them properly to rinse all the excess dirt and debris.

Once it looks nice and clean, grab a pot and fill it with enough water to submerge the crabs. Take your freshly cleaned crabs and transfer them to the water. You must boil them for a minimum of twenty minutes. The time can be more or less depending upon the number of your crabs.

When they boil, you can now eat them as per your liking. You can add ingredients of your choice and season them to bring out the maximum flavors. You can also find several recipes with ghost crab on the internet.

Various Ways You Can Eat Ghost Crab

Although ghost crabs do not make a hearty meal because of a lack of sufficient meat, you can still create many dishes with them. The most effective way of cooking them is in the form of broths or soups.

You can add seasoning, sauces, and other ingredients to turn it into a completely healthy dish.

Ghost crabs are also suitable for salads and large platters of mixed seafood. They might not be as popular as other crab types, but they give a nice blend of flavors.

If you want to eat them as a separate dish on their own, it might not be enough for satisfying your hunger and body requirements.

Down Side Of Eating Ghost Crab

Ghost crabs are edible, but it is an ideal option to have them a part of your diet. There are many reasons why you should avoid eating them. Firstly, their small size contributes to the low amount of meat. They do not offer many health benefits. It is a big reason why many people don’t prefer eating ghost crabs.

Secondly, it is not easy to wash and prepare them for cooking. Due to crab size, you will have difficulty cleaning and removing the shells. Also, you have to boil them for twenty to thirty minutes before cooking, and at the end, get a limited nutritional value. So, it is better to opt for other seafood options.

Some people also do not recommend eating ghost crabs because it comes under unfamiliar food. But, the choice can vary from person to person, and in the end, it’s up to you to decide whether to eat them or not.


Ghost crabs are safe for you to eat, and it is pretty much the same as other crabs. However, they have less meat ratio, making them uncommon seafood. Considering health benefits, it is not a good idea to opt for ghost crabs as they do not possess a high amount of proteins. Eating it for the sake of a fun new experience might be okay, but other than this, you should avoid it.

Though ghost crabs do not contain harmful toxins, they may potentially make you sick if you eat them uncooked or unclean.

Always consume seafood well-cooked and washed, so there is a minimal chance of sickness. This article highlights the proper way to clean and cook the ghost crab.

You can combine ghost crab meat with plenty of other ingredients of your choice. It goes well in soups, broths, salads, etc. you can also boil them, steam them and even fry them as per your liking.

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