Peacock Eggs: Can You Eat Them Like Chicken Eggs?

Can You Eat Peacock Eggs

Peacocks are an elegant bird species known for their mesmerizing feathers. As much as you love looking at them, you might want to try their eggs as suggested by your food enthusiast friends.
But you might be reluctant to go ahead and eat peacock eggs for the first time. What if they taste nothing like what you thought, and will it cause any health risk?

You can eat peacock eggs, and they are safe, edible, and a treat for the taste buds. It has more yolk than white, making it rich and nutritious. The peafowl egg is big than a chicken egg, but the flavors resemble. It is on the pricey side but full of vitamins and minerals, allowing you to maintain good overall health.

If you plan to have peacock eggs but still have doubts about it, no need to worry. This article is here to answer all the related questions that come to your mind. Let’s discover them together.

Is It Safe To Eat Peacock Eggs?

Peacocks are beautiful and majestic birds, and it is a pleasure to glance at their colorful feathers. But, when it comes to eating the bird’s egg, many beliefs are encircling it. Nevertheless, if you like trying out new things, you can not miss eating peacock eggs.

It is safe to eat peacock eggs, and the top of it tastes delicious. The size may look more massive than poultry eggs, but overall they taste and look very much alike. When you try it for the first time, you might not notice any striking difference between the two. However, if you regularly eat them, you can tell them apart.

You may find a peacock’s yolk sweeter than a chicken’s yolk, but it is not the case every time. An egg’s flavor is dependent upon the breeding of the bird. A free-roaming bird has a richer egg yolk than a commercially kept one, and the same rule applies to a peacock egg.

Due to its larger size, a peacock’s egg has more nutritional value and turns into a healthy and yummy omelet. The reason why you don’t see it on the market shelves is because of its rarity.

Can You Eat Peacock Eggs Like Chicken Eggs?

Comparing side by side, peafowl eggs look fifty percent bigger than chicken eggs. Apart from the sizing difference, they are similar, and thus you can eat a peacock egg the same way as you would eat a regular egg.

So yes, you can either prepare an omelet or fry it and pair it with some bread. If the peacock has excess to a natural diet, the egg would be more flavorful than the bird raised on a commercial feeding. Thus, if you plan to buy some peacock eggs, ensure to investigate if the bird was farm-raised to enjoy the naturally rich flavor of the egg.

No doubt, a peacock might be hard to find and get your hands on, but if you get lucky, you can have a whole different experience.

What Does A Peacock Egg Taste Like?

It is common to think that a peacock egg might taste and look more like duck or goose eggs. Because the sizing is large, you might believe the peafowl egg is a brighter yellow color than those of chicken eggs. And, the taste would be also heavier is just a myth as it tastes and feels almost exactly like a poultry egg.

However, as they are three times bulkier, peacock eggs provide an equal amount of nutrients when you consume them. Also, they have higher fat content and a higher yolk to white ratio. Thus, the taste is much more enhanced, and once you eat them, you would crave more.

Peacock egg has an enjoyable flavor. There can be variations in the taste, such as a faintly sweet flavor or a gamy aftertaste. Whichever the case may be, the overall experience you get is unique.

The Perfect Method To Cook Peacock Eggs

Peacock eggs cook in the same fashion as conventional eggs, and you can use them in plenty of dishes. But, because they are not so readily available, you might want to be extra careful with the handling and cooking. Furthermore, a peacock lays only twenty eggs per year, you can wonder how rare it is, and you cannot destroy it at any cost.

Peacock eggs pair beautifully with bacon, and you must try this duo. The eggshell is a bit harder than regular ones, and you might have to hit it two to three times against a surface to crack them up. Be careful not to put too much force, or you can end up spilling all the treasure.

Once you crack the egg, you can go ahead and fry it as you would normally. As the size is big, it might take a little more time to cook well, especially in recipes such as sunny-side-up eggs. You can place a lid over it to let it cook evenly throughout. When one side looks done, you can flip it over and cook the other side.

Serve it with some crispy bacon, and you can have a healthy and nutritious breakfast or lunch, whatever you prefer personally. From kids to adults, everyone is going to enjoy it.

Health Benefits Of Eating A Peacock Egg

Like other egg variants, eating a female peacock egg has many benefits and works wonders for your health. It is a rich source of protein that is essential for maintaining a stable body performance. It includes mood regulation, sleep pattern, and appetite.

Peacock eggs are high in fats due to the increased yolk amount and are a great addition to a balanced diet. If consumed in moderate quantity, it helps in boosting brain functioning and protects the nervous system against various diseases. Furthermore, it lowers mental fatigue and allows you to work all day without any brain fog.

Besides, it also consists of many vital vitamins and minerals necessary for your body. Together, they help in strengthening the immune system and regulating blood pressure. So, consuming a peacock egg is not only a fun experience but a treasure for your well-being.


In a nutshell, it is safe to eat peacock eggs and won’t cause any harm to your health. It tastes and looks similar to poultry eggs but five times bigger. You can pair it up with your favorite food item and enjoy the flavors.

As peacock is a very well-kept bird, it is often difficult to get their eggs. Also, there are doubts about if it is worth eating the egg or not. If you like a rich yolk, you must not skip it as you will thoroughly enjoy the sweet flavor it leaves in your mouth.

Peacock eggs are expensive, and you have to be gentle with them while cooking to avoid unwanted wastage. The cooking might take more minutes than a regular egg would, and the results are satisfactory.

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