Can You Eat Spam Raw? Does Eating Spam Raw Taste Better?

Can You Eat Spam Raw

When you are in a rush, spam serves as a great backup when other choices aren’t available. It is easy to use, inexpensive and shelf-lasting. So, if you feel a sudden urge to have this salty, pork flavored meat but don’t have enough time to cook it, you might be discouraged.

As a canned food product, you have the assurance that it has undergone sterilization before packaging. But is it a good idea to eat spam raw without cooking it?

You get pre-cooked spam that you buy from the market, so there is no possibility of eating it raw. You can consume it directly after opening the can, and it is perfectly safe. However, cooking and frying the meat mixture gives it a nice touch, and you enjoy it more. Raw spam can smell and feel a little unpleasant to you. Ensure to avoid overeating spam as it can lead to heart diseases.

Spam is gaining a lot of popularity, especially in Hawaii and USA. It can remain in your pantry for many months without spoiling.

However, there are a few aspects you need to know before you decide to eat spam raw/cooked.

Is It Safe To Eat Raw Spam?

Spam is a canned launch meat product made from ground pork and processed ham. Though its consumption flourished around world war two, people still find it quite convenient to this date. The reason is you can create many easy recipes with the meat.

Spam available in the market is always pre-cooked, and therefore, you cannot have it raw. If you think of eating the meat directly from the can, it is possible. It depends upon your liking if you want to cook and fry it a second time or not.

From a safety point of view, eating canned spam is perfectly fine as you get it pasteurized during the canning process. However, the smell of a freshly opened can is often unbearable, and you may find it unattractive. Also, you may find it a lot slimy, mushier, and less flavorful straight out of the tin.

If you are okay with the smell and taste difference, you can go ahead and eat the spam raw. The raw spam itself is not bad for you as you have it fully cooked before packing.

Does Eating Spam Raw Taste Better?

Generally, cooked spam tastes much better compared to its uncooked counterpart. You may find the raw version a little greasy, but that is the case for the high-fat type. Many people prefer it cooked as it adds extra crispiness and enhances the flavors. You can also eat it straight from the can as you buy it already cooked. It is correct for both cans that you store at room temperature in a pantry or freezer.

Spam smells better when you cook and fry it. Just-opened canned spam can have an off-putting smell, so you may not like it. Besides, the cold canned spam is not that appealing, and the texture can feel odd. Nevertheless, it is your choice to fry it in a frying pan or heat it in a microwave oven. The second round of cooking makes it tastier, and you can then chop it up and put it in an omelet.

Eating Spam Raw: Is It Nutritious?

Spam has recently become a household ingredient due to its ease of preparation and long shelf life. As you buy prepared canned meat, all you have to do is warm it up, and you are good to go. Aside from the convenience, the main thing to consider is the health benefits of eating spam.

Since this meat mixture is a canned product, it possesses preservatives and flavoring agents. These include sugar, salt, potato starch, and sodium nitrite. It means that spam has a high-fat content, sodium, and calories. Like other processed meats, eating spam in large quantities can lead to adverse effects on health.

Spam can increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer. The presence of food additives can also negatively impact your health and being. So, eating spam once in a while might be okay, but you should not make it a part of your daily diet.

The Right Method To Cook And Prepare Spam

Spam is a combination of six ingredients cooked for you. All you have to do is heat it and add it to your meal. However, some tips and tricks will help you further uplift the flavors and make your luncheon experience better.

If you find the spam too salty, you can remove the salt from the meat mixture after opening the can by rinsing it in water. You are required to give multiple washes to the spam side by side, replacing the water. Also, the water should be cool or cold. Once you feel the salt is in the right amount, pat the meat dry and cook as per your desire. This technique works well for people with high blood pressure and those sensitive to saltiness.

You can also heat the spam but cutting it into slices or dicing it into pieces. Fry it in a pan, pair it with eggs, make sandwiches, put it on rice, or wrap it in seaweed. Spam is versatile, and it goes well in many different recipes, and you can find plenty of them online.

Side Effects Of Eating Spam Raw

While spam is a life savior when you run out of time, you can prepare it quickly with limited ingredients. It demands minimal effort to cook and turns out as a delicious meal. However, the presence of additives and preservatives can affect your health over the longer run.

Spam contains high-fat levels, which means eating them increases your calorie intake. As an outcome, it contributes to weight gain and other severe illnesses. Secondly, it has high sodium content, and some individuals might be non-tolerant, especially if they have higher blood pressure.

Apart from the health issues, canned meat might not taste as pleasant as fresh ones. It is because the factory-sealed products are supposed to be shelf-lasting. You may find the texture and smell off, but it is not too apparent after cooking the spam. In the end, it is your choice if you want to have canned pork meat or not.


Spam is a popular canned food, and people love it for its distinct flavor. It comes cooked in the packaging, so there is no concept of raw spam. If you want to eat it from the can without warming it beforehand, you can do it safely. This meat mixture is already germ-free, so it is harmless.

Processed food might be convenient, but they are not the best for your body. The same is correct for spam as well. Due to tons of additives, preservatives, and flavoring agents, it can cause serious health issues. It includes heart diseases and diabetes.

Spam also contains a high amount of fats and sodium, so eating it too often is never recommendable. You can also find many flavors in it, and some are known to have lesser fat and salt content. Nevertheless, it is still processed food, and must avoid over-eating it.

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