Can You Freeze Hello Fresh Meat? (Freezing Time Frame)

Can You Freeze Hello Fresh Meat

HelloFresh is now a household name as a moderately priced meal kit service. If you also enjoy cooking with convenience, you might have already signed their subscription. After all, who doesn’t want to get their hands on pre-measured ingredients and easy recipes?

But, one problem you can encounter is early spoilage, especially with meat. Thus, to overcome this situation, you may ask, can you freeze HelloFresh meat?

You can, without any trouble, freeze hello fresh meat varieties. They can remain frozen for up to two months if you store them in airtight containers or vacuum-sealed bags. For unopened meat, you can directly freeze it in its original packaging as it is freezer-friendly. But, HelloFresh organic meat is best when eaten while it is still fresh and tender.

HelloFresh focuses on good-quality ingredients that you receive daily. This article will guide you through the steps required to freeze this meal kit meat to avoid food wastage. Let’s dive in!

Is HelloFresh Meat Good To Freeze?

Having access to meal kits is a huge weight lifting off the shoulders. It does not just save time and effort, but it also ensures quality products get delivered to your doorstep. HelloFresh meal is a similar initiative, gaining massive popularity for offering numerous recipe choices. Their menu deals with a variety of lifestyles, including vegan and non-vegan.

If you are interested in HelloFresh meat-centered plans, you might have a few doubts about their life span and freshness period. You can freeze their protein-based meal preps for a decent amount of time. As long as you freeze them all before the ‘use-by-date’ mentioned in the packaging and airtight containers, they will last for an extended time.

Nonetheless, it is better to utilize HelloFresh organic meat when fresh to get the peak flavors. It tends to lose some of its rich flavors and juiciness when you leave them in the freezer for too long, similar to the regular meat.

Freezing Time Frame For HelloFresh Meat

It is possible to freeze the following HelloFresh meat varieties. But for good results, it is necessary to freeze them within the recommended time frame.

  • Bacon: 1-2 days
  • Pork: 1-2 days
  • Steak or chops: 3-5 days
  • Sausages: 2-3 days
  • Ground beef: 1-2 days
  • Turkey: 1-2 days
  • Chicken: 1-2 days

How To Freeze HelloFresh Meat?

Freezing HelloFresh meat is a great way to prevent early spoilage and a safer consumption later on. Let’s briefly look at the steps required to freeze protein-based meals effectively.

1. Freeze the meat as quickly as possible

Protein is very vulnerable to degradation. Thus, you have to be quick when deciding to freeze the meat. It is especially true in the case when you leave it in an open environment for too long. There is a high chance the meat will get contaminated if it sits on the countertop for more than two hours.

A good freezing routine is to put the freshly arrived meal prep in the refrigerator and then shift it to the freezer later. For cooked meat, you can place the leftover in the freezer but ensure to cover it well.

2. Store it properly

HelloFresh understands the importance of proper storage. They use specialized insulated freezer bags with ice packets to keep the meat fresh and safe to consume. So, if you haven’t yet taken it out from the packaging, you can directly store it in the freezer until future use.

But, if the package is open, you might have to transfer the meat to an airtight container before freezing. Neglecting this step would result in freezer burns and loss of quality.

3. Limit the air exposure

One of the crucial steps for keeping the HelloFresh meat fresh is to limit air exposure. Even inside the freezer, there is a risk of air contamination which might initiate early spoilage of food. So to avoid this from happening, store the meat (cooked or uncooked) in a vacuum-sealed bag or heavy-duty freezer bag. Double wrap the meat in a combination of plastic wrap and aluminum foil for an additional layer of safety.

4. Freeze before the expiration date

Make sure to freeze the HelloFresh meat before the expiry date to yield desirable results. If you delay a lot, there are high chances that it might not freeze well, and your efforts will go to waste. The “best before by” date can vary for different meat varieties, so keep this point in mind before storing them.

5. Label the package

Always label the container or bag with the freezing date for a reminder about the meat type and freezer stay. But, if you haven’t yet removed the meat from the original HelloFresh packaging, you can skip this step. It is because everything is mentioned already on its package for your ease. Now, let the meat freeze for as long as you prefer.

How Long Does HelloFresh Meat Last?

Generally, HelloFresh meal kits are meant to be eaten within three to five days after getting delivered. However, if you want to preserve the meat for later usage, you can place it in the freezer. And, it can remain there for up to two months. Cooked HelloFresh meat might not survive this long, so it is advisable to consume it within a week or two.

Similarly, frozen HelloFresh meat is good for about five days after thawing. But, ensure to let it defrost inside a refrigerator and not on a countertop or in a microwave. It is because the latter techniques are not as safe and are at risk of contamination.

Final Thoughts

HelloFresh made it easier for individuals to cook from scratch using fresh and organic ingredients. They also offer meat-based plans that come in insulated packaging for a high-quality experience. Even if you have a change of plan, you can easily store the meat inside the freezer for months. It will remain intact, but you must cover the protein well to minimize contamination.

Whether you want to try beef, bacon, or chicken, HelloFresh meal has a huge list of delicious recipes. Once the ingredients arrive, you can quickly prepare a dish or put them in the refrigerator for some time. However, nothing can replace the flavors and texture of fresh meat so if possible, use it on the day you get your parcel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the expiration date on HelloFresh meat?

The manufacturers of HelloFresh meals often place a badge on packaging to inform about the expiration date. Nonetheless, as the meat they use is fresh and organic, its 'best before' span is usually between three to five days. So, you can use it within this time or pop it inside the freezer for storage.

How to tell if HelloFresh meat is bad?

When you forget to place HelloFresh meat in the refrigerator on time, then it can spoil. Some of the signs of degraded protein include discoloration or a sour smell. So, if you notice any of them, it is better to discard the meat as it is not safe for consumption.

How long does HelloFresh chicken last in the fridge?

HelloFresh chicken gets delivered in proper vacuum-sealed bags, so you can keep it in the fridge for about a week without worrying. However, you need to transfer the white meat to the refrigerator soon as it arrives at your doorstep. The longer you let it stay in the open air, the higher the chances of early spoilage.


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