Can You Juice Bananas

Can You Juice Bananas

As much as you would love to juice bananas, it is not something you see commonly. Even though this fruit tastes super good and keeps you healthy, it is not a perfect ingredient for juicing.

You might be interested to know why you should not put this yellow fruit in a juicer. Also, is it possible to juice bananas any other way?

You cannot juice bananas with a juicer because they have a low water-to-fiber ratio. You won’t get much juice yield. So, instead, you can chop them and place them in a blender/ food processor. If you find it thick, strain it to get a thinner liquid. Also, you can mix the blended banana with other fruit juices.

Bananas make everyone happy, thanks to their mood-lifting properties. But, in such a busy routine, juicing seems like a convenient option to add fruit into your diet. Let’s get to know more about juicing bananas and the different ways you can make it happen.

Juicing Bananas In A Juicer; Is It Possible?

There are several fruits you cannot juice, and bananas are also one of them. Even if you have the most expensive and high-quality juicer, juicing them won’t give any better results. It is because bananas contain more fiber than juice, and when you try to juice them, you only get a small amount of liquid. Most of these fibers, which are beneficial for you, get wasted.

Although bananas are about 75 percent water, it is still way less than the juiceable fruits and veggies with over 90 percent water. So, juicing bananas won’t’ yield enough juice for you to drink, and the pulp container will be full of wasted mashed fruit. So, the best way to utilize the fruit is by opting for alternative methods.

You can use bananas in smoothies, mix with other juices or blend them in a blender. This way, you will get many nutrients present in the fruit and enjoy their rich sweet flavor.

How Can You Make Bananas Juice; The Best Alternatives

It is too risky to add bananas to a juicer as there are high chances they will clog up the machine. Also, the final product resembles a thick pulp rather than a juice. But, to solve this problem, we have gathered a few alternatives for you that work amazingly.

1. Use a blender to make banana juice

Unlike a juicer, when you put bananas in a blender, you won’t face the exact problems like clogging or food wastage. All you need to do is add all of the ingredients, including bananas, into the blender and blend them until smooth.

If you find it overly concentrated, you can always thin out the mixture by adding water or other fruit juices. The final drink can still appear thick and smoothie-like in texture, and to further lighten it, strain it with a cheesecloth to remove the pulp.

2. Combine with other juices

Another way to create banana juice is by juicing the other ingredients first. Once they are juiced, transfer the liquid to a blender or a food processor and add the bananas. Blend them up for a few seconds until they reach a nice consistency.

Technically, the resultant is more of a banana smoothie because of the thick texture. However, you can thin it out by straining the mixture through a cheesecloth to squeeze the maximum of the juice.

Can You Juice Frozen Bananas?

Opposite to fresh ripe bananas, you can juice frozen bananas, as they give a decent juice yield. The freezing process increases the water content of the fruit due to the formation of ice crystals. Thus, when you defrost the bananas and add them to the juicer, you will be surprised to see how much juice you can extract from them.

However, while working with a centrifugal juicer, we suggest letting the fruit thaw before tossing them inside the machine. Frozen fruits are tough, and they can cause damage to the juicer blades. On the other hand, adding frozen bananas to a masticating juicer is fine and a great way to make soft serve bananas.

Can You Juice Bananas Peel?

While many people don’t prefer juicing banana peels, you can give it a try if you want. The peel is abundant with fibers, even more than the inner soft banana part itself. Plus, it also contains a lot of potassium. But make sure you choose bright yellow peels and not the greenish-looking ones. The yellower skins tend to have a banana-like taste while the greener tastes savory, and you may not enjoy them as much.

Moreover, always use organic banana peels for juicing rather than the non-organic variety. The latter contain traces of pesticides and other toxins that are unsafe for consumption. Also, before juicing, give bananas a proper wash to remove all the dirt and chemicals.

Delicious Bananas Juice Recipes

Now that you know some other creative ways of juicing bananas, here are some beginner-friendly recipes you can try at home.

A. Apple banana smoothie


  • One apple
  • Two bananas
  • One cup milk
  • Two teaspoon honey


  • Firstly, you need to peel the apples and then slice them into small pieces. Repeat the same with bananas.
  • Add the fruits to a blender, pouring along the milk. Blend for a few seconds.
  • Transfer the mixture to a glass and garnish with honey. Your super yummy banana smoothie is ready!

B. Frozen strawberries, blueberries, bananas smoothie


  • Half a cup of milk (soy or almond)
  • Some yogurt ( as you prefer)
  • Five or six frozen strawberries
  • A handful of frozen blueberries
  • One to two frozen bananas
  • Ice cubes (optional)


  • Add the milk and yogurt to the blender first, then toss all the frozen fruits.
  • The yogurt will give a nice creamy texture to the smoothie.
  • Blend all the ingredients for about 30-40 seconds until it gets a smooth texture.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Banana Juice?

While banana juice is loved by children and adults for its rich sweet taste, it is equally nutritious and provides plenty of health benefits. It may not be easy to find this juice in a market, but you can easily prepare it at home and get great benefits such as

Banana juice acts as a mood stabilizer and reduces the symptoms of anxiety and stress. They can lower the stress hormones and make you feel a lot better.

The high sugar content in bananas elevates the physical and mental energy keeping you active and lively throughout the day.

It also has high levels of potassium that helps in maintaining blood pressure and protect against atherosclerosis, strokes, and heart attacks.

The increased amount of fibers in banana juice improves digestion, increases the release of gastric juices, and promotes efficient nutrient uptake of the gut.

Is It Okay To Drink Bananas Juice Daily?

Banana juice is full of health benefits, and there are rarely any extreme side effects of drinking it regularly. One or two glasses of banana juice per day may not lead to any problem for the majority of people. However, some side effects may occur when you consume an excessive juice amount or if you are allergic to the fruit.

Some possible issues you may encounter with overconsuming banana juice include gastrointestinal problems, Weight gain, and muscle or heart troubles. Similarly, as the juice contain a high amount of fiber, it may cause constipation, cramps, bloating, and even flatulence. Thus, it is better not to overdo banana juice to reduce the chances of any risky outcome.


Banana is a popular fruit, but still, we rarely see it getting juiced or never almost. The issue with juicing bananas is that they give less juice yield because of lower water content. However, you can get creative and try juicing the fruit with other methods, such as blending it or mixing it with other juices. You may get a smoothie-like consistency, which you can thin out by straining the produce.

You can also go for frozen bananas because they are a better juicing choice. The reason lies in their high water content leading to more juice yield. Some people also prefer juicing the banana peel to benefit from loads of fiber in the skin. However, as far as ripe bananas are concerned, never put them in a juicer, as all your efforts will go to waste.


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