Can You Juice Carrot Greens

Can You Juice Carrot Greens

Juicing carrot greens might not be as mainstream as other greens, but they are no less in flavor and nutrition. If you are reluctant to try blending the leaves with the carrot roots and throw them away, it’s time to give them a chance.

So, what’s stopping you from juicing the carrot leaves when the veggie season is around the corner? Your concern maybe if it is safe for juicing? And, is it possible to juice carrot leaves?

You can juice carrot leaves, and it turns out to be very healthy and pleasant tasting. They have a mild earthy flavor with a mix of bitterness. Pair them with different veggies and fruits if you find the taste intense. Drinking the juice has no such side effects, but avoid overdoing it to be on the safer end.

It’s nothing new to say that carrots are a great source of vitamins, but there is a lot of confusion about the veggie greens. Today we are here to tell you the pros of juicing carrot greens and clear all your doubts. Let’s read!

Juicing Carrot Greens; Are They Safe Enough?

Carrots are mostly a go-to juicing vegetable simply because of their subtly sweet flavor and nutrient-dense nature. But, the greens or the carrot leaves are neglected and discarded. We rarely see them at grocery stores attached with the veggie because many think they are toxic and inedible.

The truth, however, is the complete opposite, as carrot greens are not just safe for consumption but also highly nutritious. They contain toxins such as alkaloids, but their levels are too low to cause extreme side effects. So, you can move on to try juicing carrot greens, as it is the best way to add all the hidden benefits to your diet.

When you juice carrot greens with the carrots, you will get many vitamins and minerals that don’t even exist at such high levels in the orange veggie itself. The leaves are also rich in antioxidants promoting normal functioning of the body. In addition, the juice tastes nice, having a distinct taste with traces of earthy flavor. You can also pair it with other ingredients to lower the bitterness.

So, with such benefits, there is no reason not to juice carrot greens and throw them away. It’s still not too late to incorporate the carrot tops in your juice, as it is a much better approach than creating unnecessary food wastage. Also, in terms of health, these greens are a game changer but not to forget, overdoing is never advisable.

How To Juice Carrot Greens At Home?

The process of juicing carrot leaves is quite basic and straightforward. Just follow the steps listed below and get amazed by the results!

Choose the right carrot greens

First, go for organically produced carrots and use their greens for juicing. It is even better if you grow your own, but non-organic carrot greens pose some risks. There is nothing wrong with them, but since they are covered mostly with chemicals, you may digest them unknowingly.

Wash and prep them

Next, snap or cut the dark green leaves off the orange vegetable. Look for dry or wilted ones and separate those from the fresher-appearing greens.Wash the carrot greens thoroughly under running water to remove any dirt or debris. Or, you can let them soak in a bowl with water until all the grit washes away.Now, lay all the greens flat on a surface and pat them dry.

Use a good-quality juicer

It’s time to transfer the greens into the juicer, following the directions in the juicer manual. If you feel the need, you can chop the carrot greens into smaller pieces to fit them easily inside the juicer, but not always required.You can juice more or less of the tops, as much as you prefer, but we suggest starting with a small quantity to get used to the strong-flavored juice.

Add other flavors and juices

Carrot greens tend to have an intense bitter taste and to break that up, combine them with other fruits and vegetable juices. Some great combos include bananas, oranges, and even berry juices.Once your juice is ready, it is best to drink it while it is still fresh to get maximum nutrients. Or, you can store it in the refrigerator for a while and consume it later.

Simple and healthy carrot greens juice Recipes

We gathered for you a few easy-to-make and super healthy carrot tops juice recipes. Take a look!

A. Carrot greens detox juice


  •  A bunch of carrot tops (remove the hard part)
  • A cup of pineapple slices (peeled)


  • Insert the ingredients inside the juicer chute while alternating between the leaves and pineapple pieces.
  • The pineapple slices will help push the carrot leaves further down the juicer. You can also use a pusher to get a better yield from the greens.
  • Be patient because it will take a few seconds for the ingredients to get juiced at the max.
  • If you find the final drink a little thick and pulpy, you can strain it.
  • Lastly, pour the green detox juice into a glass and take a sip. It is super effective for cleansing the body from toxin buildup and a perfect start for the day.

B. Carrot tops, celery juice


  • One whole head of celery (organic)
  • Four to five carrots (medium-sized)
  • A bunch of carrot tops


  • Put everything in the juicer and juice.
  • The carrots juice alone tends to be sweet, so adding celery and carrot tops will balance the flavors.
  • You can decrease the number of greens if you do not prefer the juice’s distinct earthy flavor.
  • The recipe can yield about five cups of drink. Serve and enjoy!

Nutritional Benefits Of Drinking Carrot Greens Juice

While everyone knows carrots are abundant with essential nutrients, the same is true for their leaves. Drinking carrot greens means you get healthy levels of

  1. Antioxidants such as lutein, beta carotene ( body’s source of vitamin A) plus zeaxanthin (beneficial for eye health)
  2. Essential minerals, including calcium, potassium, and phosphorous required to maintain a stable bodily performance
  3. Carrot greens also contain vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, which promote better organ functionality and reduce the chances of any severe deficiency.
  4. They contain about six times more vitamin C than carrot root. Plus, lots of phytonutrients and carotenoids.
  5. There is almost no fat or cholesterol in carrot greens. There are only 90 calories in one cup of raw greens, and ideal for those who need a weight loss alternative.

Can You Drink Carrot Greens Juice Every Day?

While looking at the uncountable health benefits we get in a glass of carrot greens juice, many might think of drinking the juice every day. However, despite the abundance of vitamins and minerals, it is never recommendable to consume them regularly for some reason.

As mentioned earlier, carrot greens are non-toxic, but they contain alkaloids. When you drink them in excess amounts, it would mean you are taking in high levels of alkaloids. They, in turn, can cause many problems such as heartburn, digestive issues, and even severe reactions in some individuals. So, you might end up doing more harm to your health than good.

Secondly, our body needs a balanced amount of nutrients to function well. When you overly drink the greens juice, it will give a sense of fullness, and you get certain nutrients but also miss out on many found in other food products. Thus, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should have carrot greens juice once or twice a week and not exceed this limit.


People happily juice carrots, but when it comes to their greens, there are some misconceptions. There is no harm in juicing carrot greens as they are safe and non-toxic, contrary to popular belief. In addition, they have far more vitamins and minerals than the root part of the vegetable. It sounds ridiculous to throw all the goodness away when you can benefit from it.

Some may find the taste unpleasant, but it is not as intense as we think. Still, you have the choice of combining the carrot greens with different food products to make the juice suit your taste buds. So, unless you don’t have a severe allergy to carrots, you, for sure, can try carrot green juice recipes at home.


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