Can You Juice Cauliflower? Health Benefits & Recipes

Can You Juice Cauliflower

It’s true to say that you can never go wrong when experimenting with cauliflower. Thanks to its subtle flavor, you have a free hand to try out various dishes with it.

Your inner chef might feel tempted to make a trendy juice with this nutrient-dense vegetable. So, you may want to ask if it is possible to turn cauliflower into a drink.

You can step ahead and juice cauliflower as it makes a healthy and refreshing drink. But, it has a lower water content which means you might not be able to get a lot of juice from the veggie. A masticating juicer will help you squeeze out the maximum liquid from cauliflower. Also, its leaves are a good choice for juicing but might taste somewhat bitter.

At first glance, it might look that cauliflower is not a suitable candidate for juicing. However, it is not the reality because you can use this veggie for juicing. If you wonder how to, let’s get to know it together!

Is Cauliflower Good For Juicing?

Cauliflower is a versatile vegetable that blends well with different food items. Credit goes to its unique texture and mild flavors that make it a flexible ingredient. Moreover, this cruciferous veggie is very healthy and a significant source of nutrients. You can create plenty of dishes with it and have a carb-free and gluten-free addition to your daily meals.

You’ll be glad to know that cauliflower is also great for juicing, which many people may doubt. However, it is not a succulent veggie and can be dry, so it is not the most suitable product to go inside the juicer. If you have a powerful juicer, you can successfully squeeze a decent amount of juice from this veggie.

It’s better to choose creamy and fresher cauliflowers for juicing purposes as they are easier to blend. A regular intake of this juice can add many valuable components to your diet, such as calcium and iron. But, you need to have it in a moderate amount as it tends to cause bloating, gas or cramping.

The Perfect Method To Juice A Cauliflower; Find Now!

The common issue with cruciferous vegetables is that they are tough to juice. If you wonder how to extract the liquid from your cauliflower stock, we have found the perfect method for you!

1. Use a masticating juicer

The best way to squeeze cauliflower juice while not losing any of the valuable nutrients of the veggie is to juice it with the help of a masticating juicer. It allows you to have a light, clear and hydrating juice within no time. If you find the taste bland, you can always mix the juice with other fruits and vegetables to enhance the flavors.

Some of the most popular pairs with cauliflower are carrots and oranges, which you should try.

When you use a masticating juicer for extracting liquid out of cauliflower, there would be almost no waste. The final pulp you get is good to go in many dishes and is a refreshing drink on its own.

2. Blender as an alternative

If you do not possess a masticating juicer, you can instead use a blender for making cauliflower juice. You can blend it alone or add it to other ingredients like apples or pears and blend them all for a few seconds. This way, you will get a very dense and concentrated liquid which is very fulfilling.

You can have it in the place of meals as the juice is full of many healthy components. Blending a cauliflower enables you to keep all the rich dietary fibers intact, which proves beneficial for digestion. Furthermore, they also lower inflammation and strengthen your gut.

Can You Juice Cauliflower Leaves?

While it is a norm to eat cauliflower florets, most people remove the leaves surrounding the veggie. It is a less known fact, but these leaves are very much edible, and you can also use them for juicing.

Taste-wise, there are a little bitterer than other green leafy substances and resemble somewhat kale.

Nevertheless, you definitely can try adding cauliflower leaves into your juicer and juice them. If you crave smoothies, you can blend in other ingredients with a few cauliflower leaves to make yourself a healthy and refreshing green smoothie.

They are nutritious, and juicing them is a fantastic way to take in all the goodness. However, the leaves have a strong taste that will make the juice a bitter flavor. So, consider this fact before you place them in a blender.

Delicious Cauliflower Juice Recipes

So now that you are ready to juice your cauliflower stock, you might be interested in knowing some delicious and healthy recipes to try. After all, you don’t want to end up with an unpleasant-tasting glass of juice. We have picked a few classic cauliflower drink recipes to get you started!

Cauliflower carrot juice

Here is a great recipe for beginners who are new to juicing vegetables. It will boost your immunity due to the abundance of vitamin A and glucosinolates you get from the added ingredients.

  • One/two medium-size cauliflower (stems and leaves included) and separated into florets
  • One apple
  • Three medium-size carrots, roughly chopped
  • One lime (if needed)
  • Cut all the ingredients into reasonable chunks. Then transfer them one by one into the masticating juicer or blender.
  • Blend them until they reach a smooth consistency, then strain them with a strainer to remove all the unwanted pieces, placing a container beneath to catch the juice.
  • Squeeze some lime juice over it and pour it into a glass. Enjoy!
    Cucumber cauliflower juice

Cucumber cauliflower juice

This recipe is a combination of power-packed veggies, and together they will provide you tons of benefits. The drink reduces cancer risk due to cancer-fighting nutrients present in cauliflower.

  • Two medium cucumbers
  • One head cauliflower
  • Two small apples
  • Some cilantro to taste
  • Mix them all in a juicer and drink it while it is still fresh

Health Benefits of Cauliflower Juice?

Cauliflower juice is super healthy for you as long as you drink it in reasonable portions. It is a good source of antioxidants and gives strength to the body for fighting against serious illnesses such as cancer, ulcers, or arthritis.

Besides, cauliflower juice also boosts the immune system and helps detoxify the liver. Regular consumption of this veggie will promote proper functioning of the digestive tract and protect from gastrointestinal diseases like stomach inflammation or even stomach cancer.

Yet another benefit of cauliflower juice is that it is ideal for weight loss as it is low in calories and possesses high nutrient richness. It is why it is known to be a superfood because it will provide you with plenty of potassium, phosphorus, vitamin k, folic acid, and many more.

However, you must consume cauliflower juice in a moderate amount because increased consumption can cause flatulence and gas. Thus, it is better to drink the juice occasionally and not regularly to avoid any uneasiness.


Cauliflower, like other cruciferous vegetables, are not succulent enough for juicing. Still, you can use them with other fruits and veggies to create a blend of juices. As far as health benefits are concerned, cauliflower has many anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. When you add its juice into your daily food routine, it will improve your wellbeing.

Cauliflowers leaves are also good to juice, but they might taste bitter. However, you can reduce the strong flavor by combining it with other ingredients of your liking. After all, it is better to utilize them than to throw all the hidden goodness away. They also contain similar nutrients as cauliflower itself.

Undoubtedly, cauliflower is a super food like broccoli and cabbage, but you should not overconsume it in juice form. There is a risk of bloating, so you need to drink this wonder juice once in a while. You can add it to many different recipes and enjoy sipping this healthy juice.


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