Can You Juice Frozen Fruit? (A How to Guide)

Can You Juice Frozen Fruit

Ever thought of juicing frozen fruits? Let’s discover today if you can turn frozen fruits into a delicious drink.

You can juice frozen fruits as long as you perform all the needed steps. Thaw them before placing them in a juicer, and it will be much easier to extract the juice. Run the final product through a strainer to eliminate the excess bits and fibers. You might have to add some water to dilute the thick consistency of the juice.

With frozen fruits, you can take out as many pieces as you require and leave the remaining in the freezer for the next time. If you want to use them for juicing, there are a few necessary measures to keep in mind for effective results.

Is It Healthy To Juice Frozen Fruit?

A lot of people prefer frozen fruits over their fresher counterparts because of some obvious reasons. Fresh fruits are prone to degrade quite fast, and freezing them is a reliable way of increasing their lifespan. Almost everyone stocks their favorite seasonal fruits in the freezer to store them until the upcoming use.

However, when fruits are frozen solid, many food enthusiasts often complain of the loss of flavors after thawing them. One effective usage alternative is to juice the frozen fruits as it is perfectly okay to do. They can turn out to be super delicious, and their nutritional content also remains unchanged during the process.

But, before placing the thawed fruits inside a juicer, make sure it is powerful enough to handle them as they are difficult to juice.

The outcome can be different than what you would expect from fresh fruits. Freezing can alter their taste and texture to some degree and also reduce the nutrient value. You can always combine them with other fruits and veggies to enhance the flavors. Also, it is much better to juice the frozen fruits rather than not use them at all as they still hold many health benefits.

How To Juice Frozen Fruit (Simple & Easy Steps)

If you have finally decided to extract juice from frozen fruits, you should do it by following the correct steps. The main goal is to squeeze maximum juice and keep the nutrients intact. If you do not perform it rightly, you might risk losing all the good qualities, and your efforts will go down the bin.

The step-by-step guide below will help you make the most of your frozen fruits.

1. Preserve the fruit moisture

Place the frozen fruit under running water for about twenty minutes to lock in the moisture. It is necessary, especially when your fruit is pre-sliced or cubed. You can skip it if you have frozen whole fruits.

When you thaw the mush fruit without this step, there are high chances that it will get dry and fibrous. Else, you might have to add a large amount of water to the product to compensate for the loss. It would, in turn, dilute juice and mess with its nutritional value.

2. Thaw the frozen fruit

When you take the fruit out of the freezer, it is in a solid state. Placing it directly in the juicer can cause damage to it and might break the machine blades. So, to prevent this from happening, you need to thaw the frozen fruits first and allow them to become soft enough before adding them to the juicer.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to thaw the fruit at room temperature or run it under warm water. However, never opt for microwaving it as it is not a safe option. Once the fruit turns mushy, it will be much easier to juice it efficiently.

3. Avoid peeling the frozen fruit

It is better not to remove the skin of the frozen fruit before adding it to the juicer. It is because most of the fruit’s rich components are present in its peel. Thus, leaving it on will help you retain the maximum nutritional value and achieve your goal of having a nutrient-dense drink for the day.

4. Put in a powerful juicer

Once the fruit defrosts, you can transfer it into a strong juicer. The best pick for frozen food is a masticating juicer. If you own one, that’s an advantage. This machine type breaks down the fruits and vegetables gradually to squeeze maximum liquid from them.

Moreover, it doesn’t use excessive heat, which can impact its nutritional content.

5. Add more liquid to the produce

Generally, thawed fruits are juicer than fresh ones when you allow them to stay in the refrigerator for a couple of days. However, as the fruit tends to get somewhat mushier in texture, it yields a pulpy and thick juice. Therefore, you need to add more liquid to thin out the consistency and make it appealing.

6. Strain the juice

When you finish juicing the frozen fruit, run the final product through a strainer to improve its texture and appearance. This way, you’ll be able to remove all unwanted fiber bits and solid remnants from the juice. That’s about it!

Why Use Frozen Fruit For Juicing Instead Of Fresh?

Several reasons make frozen fruits a preferable choice for juicing rather than fresh varieties. The main advantage is that you can enjoy the fruit you love even when they are out of season. Thus, you don’t have to wait too long to enjoy a few sips of watermelon during winter if you have frozen stock in the freezer.

Additionally, frozen fruits are ideal for juicing because they have a higher juice yield. Once they undergo freezing and thawing, their structure gets weakened, and they become softer. As an outcome, they release more juice than fresh fruits. Besides, frozen produce also proves economical because of reducing wastefulness and allows you to have more room for experimenting with different recipes.

Quick And Easy Frozen Fruit Juice Recipes

A. Frozen strawberry lemonade


  • Two cups of sliced strawberries (frozen)
  • One ½ cups lemon juice (freshly squeezed)
  • One cup of condensed milk
  • Ice cubes


  • Put some ice cubes in the juicer or blender, then add the frozen strawberries.
  • Now pour the lemon juice and condensed milk, which will give the drink a sweet taste and creamy texture.
  • Run the juicing machine for about 2-3 minutes until all the ice and strawberries are well blended.
  • It is all it takes to get an irresistible creamy, refreshing lemonade. It will undoubtedly become your new summer sip!

B. Frozen pineapple mint juice


  • One cubed pineapple(frozen)
  • Sugar (as required)
  • Some mint leaves
  • Water


  • toss the pineapple chunks into the mixer, then add the rest of the ingredients and grind them well
  • Pour around a glass or two of water and grind them in the machine again. Continue the process until it attains a smooth consistency.
  • Strain it remove the unwanted bits, transfer it to a glass and enjoy!

Frozen Fruit vs Fresh Juice: Is There A Nutritional Difference?

The nutritional composition and value of frozen fruits can decline due to freezing. However, it is not the case with every fruit type as some are more prone to these changes while others remain the same as when they were fresh.

The content of the frozen fruits lowers slightly, but there is no drastic difference between them and fresh fruits. That is why doctors and experts recommend the intake of fruits in any form as they are abundant with health benefits.

They possess many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which improve your body’s performance and protect against various diseases. Fresh fruits are best, but frozen fruits are no less either. (source)


Frozen fruits for juicing can be a perfect way to get a daily dose of nutrients. However, it can also present a few challenges as it can be tough to work with them. Nevertheless, juicing them is worth the extra effort because it will save a lot of money. Also, it will provide you with energy and improve your health.

To get the maximum juice out of your frozen fruits, follow the tips and tricks highlighted in the article and make sure not to skip any of the steps. When you perform the process correctly, you will be able to get a good juice yield from the fruits. Also, you can try out the recipes we have gathered for you to make your experience even more pleasant.


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