Can You Juice Orange Peel

Can You Juice Orange Peel

You might have already thought about juicing orange peel, presuming you are against food wastage. While this idea may seem odd to carry out, the results will surely surprise you.

Factually speaking, orange peel holds much more nutrients than fruit, and discarding them is not justifiable.

It might compel you to ask, is orange peel safe for juicing? And, is the taste worth all the efforts?

You can juice orange peels as they are edible and highly nutritious. One tbsp of the citrus skin contains three times more vitamin C than the inner fruit. Just wash and slice the orange, put it in a juicer and start juicing. Ideally, organic orange peel is preferable, but you can also go with non-organic ones.

Orange is one of the most widely juiced fruit. However, we rarely see the peel getting used, which has so much potential. Today, in this article, you’ll know how and why you should juice orange peel at home and its health benefits.

Juicing Orange Peels; Is It Safe To Do?

When it’s about juicing fresh fruits, oranges are usually the first choice of juice lovers. The citrusy flavor and the rich orange hue are hard to resist, not to forget the vitamins and minerals we get as a bonus. However, the fruit’s peel never gets the due importance it deserves and is thrown away in the trash.

Contrary to popular belief, orange peels are a safe, edible, and perfect choice for juicing. Like many fruits and vegetables, a large portion of nutrition is present in the skin. Orange peel contains numerous valuable compounds such as flavonoids, D-limonene, vitamin C, fibers, and many others. Thus, juicing these means increasing the nutritional value of your orange juice even more.

However, orange peel can taste bitter and might not be appealing to everyone. But, with the right ingredients, you can reduce the presence of a distinct flavor. A powerfully built juicer is all you need to juice the citrus fruits with their peels. Some also prefer grating the skin and mixing it with smoothies to get the essence of the citrus.

Can You Juice Frozen Orange Peel?

If you have stocked your store-bought oranges in the freezer, you might wonder what to do with them. Once they are frozen, it can be a hassle to peel the citrus later for juicing or any other use. So, to save yourself from this trouble, you can try juicing frozen oranges with the skin. However, always thaw them first and never directly put them in a juicer.

Frozen fruits are as hard as a rock, and they can cause damage to your juice extractor, so better let them defrost. Also, make sure your juicer can handle frozen whole oranges by going through the manual. Another alternative is to blend the peels with other ingredients for a refreshing frozen blended drink.

Can You Juice Non-Organic Orange Peels?

Health experts always focus on organic varieties when it’s about juicing the skin of fruits or vegetables. There is a valid reason behind this; non-organic foods face constant exposure to pesticides and other chemical additives during farming and growth. Most of these toxic elements get accumulated on the surface or skin of the fruit and veggies. The same is true for oranges as well.

Thus, we recommend going for organically produced oranges and peels to reduce the toxic load entering our bodies. There is nothing wrong with juicing non-organic orange peels, but they are not as safe as the former and pose some health risks.

Does Orange Peel Changes The Juice Flavor?

Orange peels are slightly on the bitter side in terms of taste. So, when you juice them along with the rest of the fruit, you will feel their strong-zingy presence. So, if you are not a fan of such flavor, you can add other fruits and veggies into the juice. Some combinations that work best include carrots, apples, pineapples, etc.

Another way to lessen the bitterness of the orange peel is by boiling them in water for a while. Then, you can proceed and juice them to yield a fresh and flavorful drink. These extra steps won’t take much of your time, and you will benefit from all the nutrition in the peel rather than letting them go to waste.

How to Juice Orange With The Skin; Tips And Tricks

Here’s a detailed step by step by process that will lead to a fresh and healthy glass of whole orange juice. Let’s get started!

  • Firstly, as suggested above, go for an organic variety of oranges if you plan to juice them with the skin. But, if you cannot find them, it’s alright to work with non-organic ones too.
  • Wash the oranges thoroughly to remove all the dirt, debris, and chemical traces on the citrus fruits’ surface. Scrub them gently for more effective cleaning as the cleaner the fruit, the purer the juice yield.
  • Next, cut the oranges into a reasonable size to slide them easily inside the juicer. Some juices models also are capable of juicing whole fruits, and you might not need to cut the fruits at all. So, do consult the juicer manual to get a clearer idea.
  • Now, juice the whole oranges directly, or you can remove the peel and juice all of the ingredients first. Then add the peels later to control the amount you would like in your final drink.
  • Run the juicer for a few seconds until everything is juiced well. You might require to run the pulp through the extractor for one more round.
  • Orange peels are hard to juice, so the second time will help squeeze the maximum of the citrus juice from the orange skin.
  • Your orange peel juice is ready! You can either serve and drink it while it is fresh or refrigerate it for later use.

Try These Amazing Orange Juice Recipes (With Skin)!

A. Orange and apple juice for immunity


  • Two apples
  • Three oranges


  • Slice the fruits, and toss them in a juicer or food processor to juice.
  • Pour in a glass and enjoy! this recipe is enough for two servings
  • This homemade orange juice will help the body fight against common ailments such as cold and flu, plus boost your immune system.

B. Whole orange, banana smoothie


  • Two frozen bananas (sliced in half)
  • One whole orange (unpeeled, cut in quarters)
  • 1/ ½ cups of coconut water
  • One teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric
  • ¼ cup shredded coconut
  • Some raw cashews (optional)


  • Transfer all the ingredients into a high spend blender.
  • Allow everything to blend until smooth.
  • Add the prepared smoothie to clean glass, garnish with orange slices and sprinkle some coconut flakes on top.
  • That’s it! Your super creamy whole orange smoothies are ready.

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Juicing Orange Peel?

Orange peels are a great source of essential minerals, such as potassium and magnesium, vitamins B2, B6, and C. Research also suggests that citrus peels are abundant in flavonoids and several vital phytochemicals, which offer many health benefits.

  1. The flavonoids in orange peels act as powerful antioxidants and help prevent serious medical issues like cancer.
  2. The high vitamin C content improves lung health by breaking down congestion and cleansing the organs. Moreover, vitamin C also enhances immunity and fights against various lung infections.
  3. Orange peels contain a flavonoid known as hesperidin, which reduces blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The peel has anti-inflammatory properties, protecting the heart from diseases and strengthening it.
  4. They are low in calories, making them a perfect addition to weight loss diet plans. In addition, the peels also have more dietary fiber, which controls our appetite and stops binge eating.
  5. Orange peel works magically for skin and is a known remedy for treating blackheads, acne, and blemishes. It brightens the complexion, giving a natural radiant glow, and is effective against tanning.

Is It Okay To Drink Orange Peel Juice Every Day?

While looking at the countless benefits of orange peel juice, one may assume it would be great to consume the drink daily. However, this statement is not entirely correct because of several reasons. As orange peel fiber content is high, it can be difficult to digest them, especially when you consume them excessively. As a result, it might lead to stomach discomfort, including cramps and bloating.

Secondly, some people might not be orange peel tolerant, which causes adverse health effects. Similarly, constant usage of non-organic oranges can result in a toxic load in your body, making you extremely sick. Thus, to avoid such risky situations, it is advisable to consume orange peel juice in moderation.


There is no reason why you wouldn’t juice orange peels as they are packed with health benefits. Next time you buy oranges, we recommend utilizing the peels in your juice instead of throwing them away. It is even better if you find an organic variety of fruit. Bring them home, slice them up, and put them inside the juicer chute. Voila! It’s that simple.

The bitter taste of orange peel is not much of a problem as you can combine it with different ingredients. Start with a small amount of peel in your juice to get used to the unique flavors and benefits from the tons of nutrients present it offers. Never forget, less is better, and do not, at any cost, overdo the drink to be on the safer end.


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