Can You Juice Pineapple skin

Can You Juice Pineapple skin

Pineapple juice is a favorite of many, mainly for its refreshing taste and impressive nutrient profile. But, when it comes to juicing the fruit skin, the idea grosses out people because of the texture and appearance.

Today we are here to address the highly debatable query, can you juice pineapple skin?

There is nothing wrong with juicing pineapple skin, as it is full of health benefits. However, you cannot juice the peel in a juicer or blender as it is hard. The best way to extract liquid from pineapple skin is by boiling it for a few minutes. The result is a nutrient-dense drink with a sweet-tangy flavor.

Who doesn’t like pineapple present in Pina Coladas and fruit salads? But, if you are searching for a new way to add your loved tropical wonder into your day-to-day life, we suggest giving a thought to a pineapple skin drink. Curious about how you can do it? Let’s get into the article!

Juicing Raw Pineapples skin At Home: A Hit Or Miss?

Pineapples, a vibrant tropical fruit, are equally popular among people of all ages. Credit to their unique sweet and slightly tangy flavor, they go well with almost anything. Pineapples have a vast array of uses, from hams, seafood, and yogurt to even as a topping on pizza. Similarly, due to the tons of vitamins and minerals and its delicious taste, people enjoy the fruit in drinks, cocktails, and tea.

While the fruit flesh has frequent use, the spiky skin is often discarded and not preferred for juicing. However, the skins are a good source of vital nutrients such as bromelain plus possess many healing properties. It also serves as a great addition to herbal teas. But, the problem with pineapple skin is that it is difficult to juice it with conventional techniques.

You must boil the tropical fruit skin to extract the juice and nutrients. It is never a wise idea to put the peel inside a juicer as you can damage it during the process. Also, it contains more fiber to juice ratio, and you won’t get a lot of liquid yields. Nonetheless, if you want to reap its benefits, you can juice pineapple skin at home by boiling technique.

Why Is It Better To Peel A Pineapple Before Juicing?

Although pineapple skin has plenty of nutrients, it is often risky to juice them. It is a reason why many people practice peeling the fruit before tossing it inside a juicer. If you put the whole pineapple in the chute, there is a chance your expensive machine might suffer irreparable damage.

But, if you are working with a centrifugal juicer, the final juice would turn out undrinkable. The juicer blades will dice the pineapple skin into the tiniest pieces, making the drink thick and slush-like. So, the only safe option is boiling the peel to collect all the hidden benefits. The process will take longer than usual juicing methods, but the results are much better.

The Best Way To Juice Pineapple Skin: Tips And Tricks

A lot of us don’t like creating unwanted and unnecessary food wastage. If you also happen to be one, you might be interested in knowing how you can make use of the pineapple skin instead of throwing it away in the trash.

Here’s how you can utilize the pineapple peel to extract the healthy liquid from the fruit.

  • Firstly, make sure to buy organic pineapples from the market for juicing purposes. Organically produced fruits are devoid of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which are harmful for consumption.
  • Next, rinse the pineapple thoroughly under cool water to remove any dirt or debris on the spiky skin. It is even more necessary when working with inorganic tropical fruit as it could contain chemical residue on the skin, so do not rush the cleaning step.
  • Place the pineapple on a cutting board. And, with the help of a serrated knife, remove the crown part from the top of the fruit.
  • Taking the natural curve of the pineapple as a guide, start cutting the skin, separating it from the flesh. Save the fruit’s inner flesh for later usage.
  • Carefully chop the hard skin into smaller pieces and then transfer them to a large pot.
  • Add as much water as required to cover all the pineapple skin chunks.
  • Set the stove over a high heat setting, place the pot over it and bring it to a boil.
  • Once it starts to boil, lower the heat to medium and cover the pot with a lid to let the skins simmer for about twenty minutes.
  • At this point, you can strain the liquid by passing the pot content through a colander with a bowl underneath.
  • Transfer the prepared pineapple skin juice into a container/ pitcher and allow it cool to room temperature.
  • Afterward, you can leave it in the refrigerator for storage for up to two days. Later, mix the liquid with other ingredients of your choice and drink all the goodness.

Healthy Pineapple Skin Juice Recipes You Need To Try:

Let’s have a look at some instant yet deliciously-healthy pineapple peel recipes.

A. Pineapple skin drink for weight loss


  • One large ripe pineapple
  • Two ginger roots (peeled)
  • A tablespoon of cloves
  • One tablespoon of turmeric
  • Two cups of water
  • Two lemons


  • Peel the pineapple skin with a knife and cut it into small slices.
  • Transfer all the pieces into a pot along with the chopped ginger.
  • Add the spicy ingredients with water and cover everything with a lid.
  • Allow them to cook for about 8-10 minutes to release all the juices.
  • Let it cool down by leaving it at room temperature for five minutes, then strain it.
  • Squeeze the lime juice and give the mixture a good stir. Your weight loss miracle drink is ready!

B. Simple, refreshing pineapple peel drink


  • Pineapple skin peels
  • Water (as required)
  • Sugar or honey (for sweetening)
  • Ice cubes
  • Mint leaves


  • Take the clean pineapple peels and toss them into a pot with enough water to cover them well.
  • Let them boil for at least 20-30 minutes to extract maximum liquid.
  • Afterward, filter the prepared pineapple water through a sieve and add your sweetener.
  • If you want, you can refrigerate it for about half an hour.
  • Serve the refreshing drink with a few ice cubes and mint leaves.

5 Surprising Health Benefits Of Pineapple Skin

While most of us have an idea about the rich nutrient profile of pineapple, the skin also contains several health benefits, such as

  • Pineapple skin has naturally occurring vitamin C, which protects us from different infections. They function as immune boosters and wound healers, thus improving overall body health.
  • The presence of bromelain in the fruit’s peel helps in filtering the blood, prevents the formation of blood clots, and increases the production of healthy blood cells.
  • Pineapple peels contain secondary metabolites that are effective for better metabolism and digestion. Moreover, the nutrients in the skin also help remove the parasites lurking in the digestive tract and relieve constipation.
  • The abundance of beta carotene and bromelain in pineapple peel makes them a healthy addition to diet plans. They not only have anti-inflammatory properties but also increase the chances of fertility.
  • Furthermore, they also aid bone strengthening, protects vision, and possess anti-cancerous qualities. Thus, with all these benefits, it is best to infuse pineapple skin into your meal routine to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Despite a rough-looking exterior, pineapple skin has many hidden health benefits that fewer people know. Unknowingly, we throw the peel, which you can utilize in many different ways. One of the best and quick ways to add it to your daily routine is by creating a drink from it. However, never use a juicer or blending for the process as the hard skin can damage the machines.

A safer way to extract liquid from the pineapple skin is by opting for the boiling technique. The whole method is step-wise explained in the article for your ease and to get good results. Pineapple peels are consumed extensively in countries like Colombia because of their high content of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. So, this time, if you buy this tropical fruit, do not forget to get benefits from its rind as it is a natural therapeutic drink.


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