Can You Juice Tangerines

Can You Juice Tangerines

Do you want to juice tangerines? If you love the sweet and citrusy flavor of the fruit, you might feel this urge to create juice or smoothies out of it. So, what’s hindering you from taking the step? Probably the doubts about the taste and nutrition.

All these ifs and buts might compel you to ask, can you juice tangerines?

You, for sure, can juice tangerines as they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Ensure to choose ripened tangerines for juicing, or you can blend them to make smoothies. Use a slow juicer or citrus press to extract the tangy-sweet liquid. It pairs well with different fruits too.

When winter arrives, you can never skip buying a bulk of tangerines. But, instead of boringly eating them this time, why not juice them for a change? Let’s read more about juicing tangerines and the dos and don’ts of it.

Is It A Good Idea To Juice Tangerines?

Like many other citrus fruits, tangerines are abundant with nutrients and work exceptionally well for your health and well-being. Just as you enjoy an orange drink, adding tangerines to your juicing menu will not disappoint you.

Not only do they taste sweeter and sharp than oranges, but tangerines also contain more vitamin A. In addition, they also are a good source of other vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, folate, thiamin, and potassium. So, if you are desperately seeking a new citrusy juice to try, we highly recommend tangerines.

Moreover, juicing tangerines is simple, following a basic procedure. As long as you have enough ripe tangerines, you can juice them to get a delicious and refreshing orange-hued drink. Also, tangerines have softer skin, taking much less time and effort to peel them. It’s a win-win situation!

What Does Tangerine Juice Taste Like?

Most people assume tangerines might taste exactly like oranges, but this is not entirely true. Both these citrus fruits have a sweet-to-tart flavor combination, but tangerines are sweeter and less tart than oranges. Furthermore, the flavor profile of tangerines is strong with a minimal aftertaste.

So, if you do not prefer loud sourness in your citrus drink, tangerines can be a great replacement choice. In addition, they have almost the same nutrient content as oranges, so you will still be getting all the vitamins and minerals and bioflavonoids.

What Combinations Go Well With Tangerine Juice?

While tangerine juice is tasty solo, who doesn’t like to take creative liberty and create fun new recipes? From juices to cocktails to smoothies, there is so much you can make with these small-sized citrus fruits. A few classic combinations include apples, apricots, blueberries, cherries, cranberries, dates, mango, plums, passion fruit, grapes, peach, and many more.

Can You Juice Tangerines With The Skin?

The sweet and tangy flavored flesh of tangerines is a comfort food during the winter days. However, how can we forget the mess created with the leftover peels? But, there is a healthy way out of it; you can juice the tangerine peels or add them to smoothies for a burst of citrusy flavor.

The citrus fruit skin has always been a part of Chinese medicines and is known to cure digestive issues. Moreover, recent studies also back these claims and suggest numerous other health benefits. Thus, do not forget to incorporate the peels next time you juice tangerines. They may taste slightly bitter, but you can add other ingredients to soften the overall flavors.

You can also drink the tangerine skin in smoothies. Also, blending them with the rest of the fruit is one of the easiest ways to eat the peels. The citrus oil will make the whole smoothie very tangy, but it doesn’t mean the final drink will be unpleasant, and you surely will enjoy it.

Can You Use Frozen Tangerines For Smoothies?

Of course, you can! Tangerines are a great addition to smoothies, both fresh and frozen. Often, we buy a huge stock of our favorite fruits to have them around every season. If you also have a freezer full of tangerines, toss them out, let them thaw, and put them in a blender.

However, make sure your blender can handle frozen whole fruits, or you can slice or peel the tangerines for effective blending. Frozen tangerines will add a fresh taste and a frosty texture to any existing smoothie, or you can blend them separately.

How To Juice Tangerines: A Step By Step Guide

Making tangerine juice at home is so easy. All you need to do is;

  • Firstly, get hold of ripe tangerines as they will give a higher juice yield and are perfect for juicing.
  • If you want, you can peel the tangerines or leave the skin on as you prefer. But, if you have a non-organic variety of fruit, it is better to remove the skin as it is covered with chemicals.
  • Next, wash the citrus fruits thoroughly to remove any dirt or debris.
  • Slice them in half and toss them in a slow juicer or citrus press to start juicing.
  • You wait a few seconds until the maximum liquid gets squeezed out of the fruit, then pour it into a glass.
  • Strain the juice if needed and serve along with ice cubes. Enjoy your freshly prepared tangerine juice!

Fresh And flavorful Tangerine Juice Recipes: Must Try!

A. Strawberry, tangerine juice


  • 8-9 Tangerines
  • Two cups of fresh strawberries
  • ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice
  • One bottle of water
  • Sugar, agave, or honey (for sweetening)


  • Slice the strawberries and put them in a juicer or food processor.
  • Now cut the tangerines in half and add them too. You can peel it or leave the skin.
  • Run the ingredients through the machine until all the juice gets extracted.
  • Strain the juice, placing a bowl underneath to collect the liquid.
  • Squeeze in the lemon juice and add some water if you want a thinner consistency.
  • Lastly, add the sweetener of your choice, stir everything and serve in a glass!

B. Tangerine and banana smoothie


  • Four tangerines
  • ½ glass of light yogurt
  • ½ banana
  • One tablespoon of honey
  • Three to four ice cubes ( as needed)


  • Peel the tangerines, slice them into even pieces and discard the seeds.
  • Transfer all the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.
  • Throw in some cubes to dilute the consistency a little, or you can instead add about ¼ glass of water. Enjoy!

How Long Does Tangerine Juice Last?

Homemade tangerine juice has a short life span of one to two days. For the best experience, it is advisable to drink the juice immediately after you make it, or you can keep it in the refrigerator. Tangerine juice can remain in the fridge for about 8 to 12 days. Furthermore, you can store it in the freezer for up to eight months without worrying about spoilage.

But, make sure you go for air-tight containers/ jars for storing the tangerine juice. If you do not cover the juice well, it can undergo significant taste and texture changes, even inside a freezer.

5 Incredible Health Benefits Of Tangerine Juice

Like other citrus varieties, tangerines are abundant with Vitamins such as vitamin A and C. 100 grams of the fruit is enough to provide you with about 14% of your daily vitamin A requirement. There are also numerous health benefits of tangerine juice, such as;

  1. The high vitamin C content in the juice improves skin health, and it also plays a vital role in promoting more collagen production. It also prevents and cures skin damage caused due to sun exposure.
  2. It significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves heart health.
  3. As a good source of dietary fiber, tangerine juice is a perfect addition to weight loss diets.
  4. The occurrence of flavonoids in citrus juice helps prevent different cancers and exhibits anti-tumor properties.
  5. Starting your day with tangerine juice will give you an energy boost and keep you active throughout the day, credit to the tons of glucose it contains.


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