Can You Juice Turnips

Can You Juice Turnips

As a fat-free food, turnips have much more nutrient potential than many consumers realize. Their disease-preventing properties make them a suitable choice for juicing. So, this time when you visit a grocery store, do not ignore this root vegetable and make it a part of your diet.

You might be double-minded about turnip juice, especially its taste and flavor. Worry no more, as we are here today to clear your doubts about juicing this purplish-white veggie.

You can juice turnips just as other cruciferous vegetables. The juice is highly beneficial for the health and is a natural cure for various diseases. Not just the root part but the leafy greens of turnip are also juiceable and contain many nutrients. But, ensure to mix it with other ingredients as the juice alone might be unpleasant for many to drink.

According to studies, turnip juice is a great strategy to use this often forgotten vegetable. Let’s look at the detailed and in-depth guide below about juicing turnips and their positive health results.

Juicing Raw Turnips: Are They Drink Worthy?

Unlike its cousin vegetables like kale and cauliflower, turnips only appear once in a while on food menus. But, they have an impressive nutrient profile, making them worth checking out. As a good source of folate, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers, these root vegetables get labeled as a superfood, which you need to have in your diet.

Like other cruciferous veggies, turnips can be a good ingredient in your healthy green juices. It is, without a doubt, the most effective way to benefit from all the goodness present in turnips. However, they tend to have a slightly spicy undertone of flavor when consumed raw, so we suggest not to drink turnip juice by itself. Mix it with other vegetables or sweeter fruits to increase its nutrient value and reduce the intensity of flavors.

When planning to juice turnips, always choose the ones that are solid and firm. A good quality juicer is enough to extract all the healthy liquid from these root vegetables. However, as much as turnip juice is full of health benefits, it is never advisable to overuse it. Excessive drinking might lead to severe side effects such as stomach and kidney problems.

Can You Juice Turnip Greens?

Turnips greens are the dark green leafy top of turnips that we discard often. Not many people know, but they are edible and used in various cuisines, similar to lettuces and hearty leaves. They are also perfect for juicing but possess an intense bitter taste that makes the turnip greens hard to drink.

Nevertheless, you can reduce their bitterness by combining them with ingredients with a milder or sweet flavor. Turnip greens contain high levels of nutrients that can enhance health and prevents many diseases. So, if your focus is increasing your body performance, you should create this green juice. After all, utilizing all their health benefits is much better than throwing them away.

How To Easily Juice Raw Turnips: Tips And Tricks!

Turnips are usually in season from fall to winter months. And, you can get your hands on them due to ease of availability. Stock them at home and follow the steps below to create health-boosting turnip juice within no time.

  • Like other vegetables, you need to clean the turnips properly to remove all the impurities. Rinse them under cold water while gently scrubbing the surface until the dirt and grit wash away.
  • For even better results, we recommend going for organic turnips, and if you are growing your own at your home, it will be a plus point. Inorganic veggies usually have a chemical coating and thus are not safe to consume.
  • You can peel your turnips at this stage or leave the skin as the decision is totally up to you. However, if you are working with larger bulbs of turnip, it would be better to remove the skin to avoid a sharp aftertaste.
  • Next, cut the root vegetable into a size that will fit inside the juicer well.
  • Add fruits and veggies of your choice with turnips to make a delicious glass of juice.
  • You can also use a blender to juice turnips. But, if you feel the drink is overly saturated, you will have to pour in some water for dilution.
  • Your nutrient-rich turnip juice is ready. For the best experience, drink it immediately, or you can also place it in the refrigerator for later use.

Try These Healthy And Appetizing Turnip Juice Recipes

A. Turnip carrot juice for weight loss


  • Two to three turnip bulbs
  • Three carrots (medium-sized)
  • One apple
  • ½ fennel bulb (optional)
  • A glass of water


  • Peel the turnips with the help of a peeler, then cut them into even slices.
  • Repeat the same process with carrots and apples.
  • Take a juicer or blender and put all the ingredients inside, one by one.
  • Next, add the water with veggies and fruit for a nice runny consistency.
  • Blend everything for a few seconds until smooth.
  • If you want, you can leave the pulp with the juice. But if you prefer a thinner texture, pass the mixture through a fine-mesh sieve.
  • Use a spatula to press the pulp and release as much liquid as possible.
  • One, pour the filtered juice into glasses and enjoy. This turnip juice is not just helpful for weight loss, but it also improves your blood circulation.

B. Beetroot turnip red detox juice


  • One beetroot
  • One turnip bulb
  • One bunch of celery stalks


  • Wash and clean all the ingredients well before you juice them.
  • Afterward, with a sharp knife, cut the beet and turnip into small chunks.
  • Toss them into the juicer feeder and start juicing the vegetables.
  • You will end up with a refreshing and flavorful turnip juice. It’s best to drink it while fresh to get the maximum vitamins.
  • This healthy veggie combo is a perfect detox drink and cleanses your body from the toxic buildup.

Is Drinking Turnip Juice Good For You?

Turnips maintain a special place in dishes of different cultures, including Asian countries. They are full of mouthwatering flavor when sautéed, steamed, or even as an addition to soups, stews, and pasta. The list of turnip uses now a new category as well, juicing the cruciferous veggie for health improvement.

Drinking turnip juice is a natural cure for people dealing with asthma. A good amount of vitamin C plus its anti-inflammatory properties helps in curbing asthma disease. So, individuals with this condition should consume turnip juice regularly to see the results. Furthermore, the potassium in turnip juice regulates and reduces high blood pressure.

Whether you consume raw turnip in salads or as juice, it is proven to strengthen the bones. They play a role in preventing osteoporosis and improving bone health. Moreover, the high fiber content in turnip juice leads to a better digestive system and relieves constipation. It also reduces body fat by giving a feeling of fullness and is best for people looking for a weight loss drink.


The history of turnip use as a staple food is long, dating back to the ancient Greek and Roman period. While mostly the root part of the veggie serves as an active ingredient in different dishes, the top greens are equally abundant with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Both have the potential to create a super healthy green juice, but it is a lesser-known fact.

The health properties of turnip juice are endless, as it helps cure many diseases and aids in weight loss. But, the drink alone can be hard to drink because of its sharp flavor. It is why health enthusiasts prefer mixing it with other nutrient-dense veggies. You can also try making turnip juice by following the beginner-friendly recipes mentioned above in this article. But, if you are new to the vegetable juice diet, consult an expert before consuming this drink to avoid health complications.


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