Can You Microwave Bone China? (Microwave Safe Brands List)

can you microwave bone china

Microwaving fine Bone China for the first time can make you uneasy unless creators ensure its microwave safety. To all your doubts about whether you can microwave Bone China or not, it is best to understand the texture of your Bone China in detail.

Microwaving double-fired Bone China is considered microwave safe due to its chip-resistant and heat-proof features. Use only pure white Bone China in the microwave. Avoid placing gold-rimmed Bone China as they can cause a high risk of arcing. Lastly, microwave it for 2-6 minutes at an optimum power setting and standard temperature.

Thus, to handle delicate Bone China with great care, it is necessary to explore how you can microwave Bone China and how long it takes?

Is Bone China Microwave Safe?

According to the Bone China creators, their highest-graded ceramics are made microwave safe. They are durable and strong, with no traces of lead or cadmium. The fascinating Bone China crockery has a high demand in its market due to its appealing fine, thin, and white texture.

However, despite their delicacy, they have hardness and contain a higher density than other ceramics. During the making process of Bone China, they are fired 2X times at a high temperature of 1350°C or a low temperature of 1150 °C for almost 8 hours.

Thus, it is safe to microwave White Bone China due to its withstanding of high heating temperatures and microwave power limit. However, be cautious about microwaving Bone China glazed with gold linings.

Can You Put Gold Rimmed Bone China In Microwave?

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it is safe to put Fine White Bone China in the microwave for reheating, baking, and steaming food, only for a few minutes.

Some manufacturers of Bone China have recently designed gold-rimmed crockery with a protective coating. They also glaze them with new tech features other than traditional methods to mark them as microwave safe.

Keep in mind that all other antiques in Bone China with glazes of gold, silver, and lead are not suitable for their use in the microwave. Because decorated Bone China used for reheating in the microwave can cause the melting of its gold or silver linings and leach inside the food.

Most importantly, the metallic reaction of such dishes with microwave radiations can generate sparks leading to smoke and arcing. So, if Bone China has any cracks, chips, or crazing, do not use it in the microwave.

How To Tell If Bone China Is Microwave Safe?

It is best to always check out the microwave-safe symbol at the bottom of the Bone China crockery. You can also directly contact the retailer on their website about the product’s microwave safety details.

Another way to mark Bone China’s microwave safety is through the following steps:

First, set up the microwave at a high power limit.

Next, place a cup filled with water along with the Bone china dish or bowl inside the microwave and heat it for one minute.

Now, if Bone China is cool after heating and the cup of water is warm, then it’s 100% microwave safe.

If you have difficulty finding microwave safety information for your desired Bone China item and are cautious too, then use your stoneware for reheating in the microwave. Also, you can choose to buy the best microwave-safe Bone China from the following below-mentioned brands.

Best Microwave safe Bone China Brands

Use designed Bone China pieces like bakers, lasagna dishes, covered casseroles, and soup bowls for best microwaving results.

Here is a list of reliable brands that manufacture microwave-safe Bone China for baking, cooking, and other serving purposes:

  • Mikasa Loria
  • CAC China
  • Fortessa Fortaluxe
  • Lenox
  • Wedgwood
  • Euro Ceramica
  • American Atelier
  • Royal Doulton
  • LaOpala

How To Microwave Bone China?

How To Microwave Bone China

Things to consider when microwaving Bone China are as follows:

  1. When reheating frozen food, ensure to defrost it before microwaving it in Bone China.
  2. Avoid placing freeze Bone China directly in the preheated microwave as it may cause the breaking up of the dish. Any extreme temperature variations can result in the deformity of Bone China.
  3. For heating the food evenly inside Bone China, cover almost two-third of its surface with the desired meal.
  4. Cover your Bone China dish with a microwave-safe lid to avoid splatter and spots of food.
  5. You can use several small-sized bone china dishes and ramekins for baking and steaming in the microwave.
  6. Place Bone China at the middle of the microwave turntable and away from its shelving. Also, avoid placing it in direct contact with the heat.
  7. Use microwave gloves or other oven mitts to remove the warm Bone China from the microwave.

How Long Can You Microwave Bone China?

For microwaving Bone China, set the temperature limit up to 107°C or 225°F. Although the standard time duration is within 2-6 minutes, it may vary according to the food placed inside the microwave. For this purpose, always check out the directions for your desired dish and meal.

For the baking process, the time limit is usually up to 10 minutes. However, you can add some extra 1-2 minutes to give it a crispy and brownish texture.

Moreover, adjust the microwave power limit based on the standard setup of other delicate cookware items. Increase microwave setup gradually so Bone China gets warm at a slow pace during the heating process without being exposed to thermal shocks.

After microwaving Bone China, let the dish cool down slowly to avoid temperature variations.


Bone China, with its appealing design, could add wonders to your food in the microwave. It retains the flavor of your meal by making it more delicious. Bone China is strong enough to withstand high heating temperatures.

Ensure to use a white Bone China dish in the microwave to bring ease to your heating process. Also, set up the microwave at a low or medium power limit and standard temperature. Do not put Bone China in immediate extreme temperature changes as it breaks the dish. It takes only a few minutes for microwaving Bone China, and the meal gets prepared for its serving.

Lastly, ensure not to use gold-rimmed Bone China in the microwave as it leads to sparking and can leach the metal inside the food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bake in Bone China?

You can bake in bone chine. Use white Bone China Ramekins for Baking in the microwave oven. However, do not use gold-rimmed Bone China for baking. For its durability, avoid placing it in direct contact with the heat and under immediate temperature changes.

Is Bone China Vegan?

Yes, crockery manufacturers like LaOpala have designed vegan-friendly Bone China without using traditional bone ash. They use certain whitening chemicals to give it the appearance of Fine Bone China.

Is Bone China heat-proof?

Bone China is double-fired and glazed at a higher temperature above 1300 °C, or 2372 °F so it can withstand the standard heating limit of a microwave oven. It thus makes the Bone China microwave-safe, strong and durable.

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