Can You Microwave HelloFresh Meals?

Can You Microwave HelloFresh Meals

If you are short on time, meal prep as HelloFresh can be a huge blessing. Easy, effortless, and delicious, it provides so much convenience. Moving on to cooking or reheating these pre-prepared dishes, you might be interested to know if you can microwave HelloFresh meals.

You can surely, microwave HelloFresh meals, and most of their dishes reheat well. Their new easy-eats meals are microwavable and take about 3 minutes to be ready for serving. Just place them in the microwave set on high heat, and your mouth-watering meal is ready to eat.

What’s better than getting chef-crafted meals without putting much blood and sweat into them? And, to simplify the process more, we are here to guide you through how you can microwave HelloFresh meals in no time.

Is It Okay To Microwave HelloFresh Meals?

HelloFresh meals make life easy by reducing the burden of meal planning and grocery shopping. It’s a great option if you love cooking but don’t have enough time to do all the meal prep.

In addition, HelloFresh meal also offers microwave-safe food choices that come in handy when you have limited time. While all of their meals are not supposed to be cooked in the microwave, they have a wide variety of options that you can easily reheat within minutes.

Recently, HelloFresh has introduced microwavable meals, known as easy eats, that you can prepare in the microwave without worrying about anything going wrong. They are ready to consume in 10-15 minutes and require low prep.

Do You Need A Microwave For HelloFresh Meals?

Not necessarily! The main goal of HelloFresh is to provide convenience and ease of cooking; thus, it depends on how you like to make your meal. Most of the recipes that HelloFresh sends can be cooked without a microwave, so it is a sigh of relief for those who don’t own one.

Now coming to the recipes you can cook in a microwave, the results might not be as satisfactory as you’d get from traditional cooking. For the best experience, it’s always worth spending the time cooking a HelloFresh meal from scratch, plus it won’t take that much time as the ingredients are already pre-measured and prepped.

Nonetheless, if you have a hectic schedule or find it hard to manage long cooking hours, you can switch to the HelloFresh easy eats option. This category of meals is aimed to be effortless, requiring minimal prep and cooking time. Also, you can toss them in the microwave, as it will do the rest of the job!

Easy Eats; Microwavable HelloFresh Meals

Our lives nowadays have become fast-paced; thus, it can be difficult for most people to spend too much time cooking or slicing and dicing the ingredients in the kitchen. To solve this problem, HelloFresh has come up with easy eats meals that allow you to fulfill your cravings hassle-free and prepare your favorite dish within two minutes at the max.

All you require to do is “heat and eat”!

We all agree that most of us don’t like the prep work or cleanup that comes with cooking something at home. HelloFresh easy eats are fully-cooked meals that take only about three minutes in the microwave to be ready for serving at the table.

Yes! These are microwavable meals specially designed to match our in-a-rush lifestyle. They cover a vast variety of quick breakfasts, lunches, and snacks- from fancy toast to fresh pasta; you can slide them all into your microwave and let it do all the work for you.

You can also heat these dishes in the oven- it’s an alternative for those who don’t have a microwave.

Can You Microwave HelloFresh Directly In The Packaging?

It depends! HelloFresh send meals in different sorts of packaging, and some of them may or may not be compatible with the microwave.

For instance, HelloFresh has recently focused more on sustainable packaging. Most dry ingredients, such as pasta, grains, etc., are delivered in recyclable paper sachets to create less and less environmental waste. Similarly, meat-based products or other fast food prone to spoil may come in vacuum-sealed or airtight packaging so you can store them in the refrigerator.

Thus, when planning to reheat HelloFresh meals, ensure the packaging is microwave friendly or transfer them to a microwave-safe plate/container.

How To Effectively MicrowaveHelloFresh Meals?

Here’s a detailed step-by-step process you can follow to microwave HelloFresh meals safely

  • If the packaging of the meal is microwave safe, you can directly place it inside the microwave.
  • Or else, transfer the meal onto a microwave-friendly plate, and it’s good to go.
  • Set the microwave on high and allow the dish to heat for 4-5 minutes ( the time can vary for different meals as some require more time and others less)
  • If you have a 700W microwave, the meal might require a little more cooking time. But, ensure to continuously keep a check and avoid heating for an extended period.
  • Let the bag or plate cool down in the microwave for around two minutes.
  • Now, by using oven mitts, remove them carefully from the microwave.
  • In the case of packaging, cut the bag open to let the steam escape- be cautious, as the bag and its content will be extremely hot.
  • Serve as you prefer, and enjoy!

How Long Can You Keep HelloFresh In The Microwave?

As discussed earlier, the time to cook or reheat HelloFresh meals largely depends on the content of the meal. Some dishes might require more time to thoroughly and evenly heat than others. On average, it would take between 4-5 minutes to reheat a meal prep, and if you are cooking from scratch, as in the case of easy eats, the time taken can be around 10-15 minutes.

However, it would be better not to leave the meal unattended during this period and check on it every few minutes.

Another factor that might determine how long it would take HelloFresh to heat or cook is your microwave itself. For instance, the average cooking time for meal prep is around 4-5 minutes in a 1200W microwave, whereas in a 700W microwave, the dish might require about 5-6 minutes to cook evenly.


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