Can You Microwave Pizza Rolls?

Can You Microwave Pizza Rolls

If you like the crispy, cheesy combo of pizza rolls, you would surely want to reheat them such that they do not lose these signature qualities.

While the oven can give the same results you look for, what if you are running out of time or just too hungry to wait? Can you microwave pizza rolls alternatively?

It is perfectly fine to microwave pizza rolls and very easy to do. Just place the rolls on a microwave-safe plate lined with a paper towel and microwave for 1-2 minutes or more. Ensure to hydrate them a little every few minutes to maintain their crispy texture.

We all have a soft corner for pizza, but sometimes it feels good to switch to something the same but new. If pizza rolls have become your new favorite, this article will help you learn how to reheat them the best way possible. Let’s read!

Should You Microwave Pizza Rolls? Yes or No?

Pizza rolls seem to be the perfect solution when you have an instant craving- they are super delicious and easy to prepare. Especially when you don’t have enough time and are in a hurry, you can microwave pizza rolls and please your taste buds.

Whether you want to cook the pre-prepared pizza rolls or reheat the ones you have stored in the freezer, the microwave can be the quickest and most time-saving option in this regard. Admittedly, cooking pizza rolls from scratch in the microwave is not ideal, and you may encounter a few issues while attempting to do so; for instance, the dough might not properly cook through and can turn too dry.

That being said, you still can opt for microwaving rather than an oven if you follow the right procedure- we’ll discuss it in detail in the article- and get satisfactory results.

For reheating, microwaving can be a lifesaver when you are at work or in a hurry, as it only takes 1-2 minutes, depending on the number of pizza rolls.

Can You Microwave Pizza Rolls On A Paper Towel?

Yes, you can! You are good to go if the paper towels you use are microwave safe. To further reduce the risk of fire or similar hazardous situations, it is advisable to heat your food at two minutes intervals. Moreover, do not fold the paper towel or stack several of them as it leads to a fire hazard, and we want to maintain safety to the highest degree.

Talking of pizza rolls, the best way to microwave them is by placing a double layer of paper towels on a microwave-friendly plate. Now place around six pizza rolls in a circle on the paper towel and microwave at high temperature for 50 seconds. Let them stand for one to two minutes before finally consuming your favorite snack.

Using paper towels for microwaving food, including pizza rolls:

  • Allows the food to heat evenly
  • Prevent dripping and splattering
  • Keep food soft by locking the moisture
  • Prevent the food from overheating.

How To Microwave Pizza Rolls? The Perfect Way!

To get the perfect results, here is a step-by-step process you can follow to microwave pizza rolls:

1. Prepare the plate

Firstly, take a big-enough microwavable plate that can slide easily into the microwave. Trim the parchment paper accordingly and drizzle some oil so that the parchment can stick well to the plate.

2. Arrange evenly on the plate

Now, toss your pre-prepared pizza rolls onto the plate and arrange them evenly. Leave about a 1/2/ inch gap between each cheesy roll.

3. Time to microwave

Set your microwave on the highest setting you can, and slide your pizza rolls in. Microwave them between two to five minutes- the period can be more or less depending on the size of the pizza rolls and how many you intend to cook or reheat at once.

  • For one serving (six rolls): 1:00 to 1:15 minutes
  • For two servings (twelve rolls): 2:00 to 2:40 minutes

4. Hydrate after a few minutes interval

Remember to spray the rolls with water every few minutes, as it will help maintain the perfect pizza crust. But do not delay this step for too long as the pizza rolls may start to cool before being properly heated/cooked.

5. Avoid serving immediately

Once microwaved, it might be hard for you not to take a quick bite from the pizza rolls as they are irresistible. However, little patience goes a long way. Leave the rolls to stand on the counter for at least two minutes before you munch on them.
This way, you won’t accidentally hurt your mouth as the roll filling will be too hot, plus they will get some extra minutes to continue cooking.

How Can You Make Pizza Rolls Crispy In The Microwave?

Though microwaving food is a convenient option, it also has certain downsides. In the case of pizza rolls, especially if they were frozen before and you thaw them by heating them in a microwave, there is a high chance they might turn soggy.

Now, you may ask, how to deal with this?

To maintain the crispiness of pizza rolls, let them heat for thirty seconds instead of microwaving them for one minute. Afterward, take the rolls out of the microwave, flip them around and finish off the process by microwaving them for additional thirty seconds.

This step will ensure the rolls cook evenly from top to bottom and both sides are nice and crispy. If they require to be heated for more than one minute, you can follow the same technique above- pull rolls out halfway through, give them a flip and let them finish heating.

How Long Can You Keep Pizza Rolls In The Microwave?

The time span of heating pizza rolls in the microwave depends largely on the size of the rolls as well as their quantity. On average, six pizza rolls are good in the microwave for a maximum of one to two minutes and no more. Similarly, two servings (12) of pizza rolls would need reheating for about two to three minutes.

However, to be safer, I suggest checking on the rolls every minute to ensure they do not overcook or overheat. Never leave the microwave unattended during this period, especially when working with a larger batch of pizza rolls.

Oven VS Microwave; What Is The Best Way To Reheat Pizza Rolls?

Regarding reheating, particularly talking about frozen pizza rolls, you know how delicate they become. It is crucial to reheat them in the best way possible to avoid overly-mushy and flavorless end products.

Thus, to retain the flavor and texture of pizza rolls, I recommend heating them by placing them on a baking sheet. Heat the oven to around 400 F and pop in the rolls, keeping them there for about ten minutes- depends on how many you have to reheat.

Moving on to microwaving, although it does have some advantages- it’s an easy and quick solution, perfect for smaller portions- but the list of downsides outweighs them. Microwaving won’t give you that perfect pizza roll texture; sometimes, they’ll be too crisp and dry, and other times too soggy or undercooked.

In addition, if you are looking for a signature cheese pull, sadly, you might not get it the same way you’d expect when cooking pizza rolls in the oven. So, microwaving should only be an option when you are in a rush, not rely on it every time.


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