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can you microwave plastic wrap

Plastic Wrap can be an excellent alternative to lid protective covering for a cleaner microwave. It also shields the splatters and spots while microwaving food. But due to its restrictive use inside the microwave and whether it is safe to microwave Plastic Wrap has led us to explore some facts and tips.

Only the labeled microwave-safe Plastic Wrap is safe to be used in the microwave. Place the food inside a deep bowl to maintain a considerable gap from the plastic Wrap. It is to ensure the plastic film does not touch the food. Wrap it loosely around the bowl to let out the steam and prevent the extra build-up of condensation.

Are plastic bags microwave safe?

Plastic Wrap comes under the line of “plastic” made from various organic and inorganic substances. The reason why Plastic Wraps are Microwave safe is that they consist of BPA and dioxin-free compounds. Thus, giving them flexibility and softness as compared to other hard plastics.

When microwaving Plastic Wrap, always check out the safety label on the product or collect the information from the brand’s website. It is recommended to avoid using Plastic Wrap made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or Bisphenol-A chemical.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has conducted several tests and approved the Plastic Wrap to be microwave-safe on certain conditions, which are as follows:

They must be manufactured from stabilized and high-quality Plastic, having the ability to withstand temperature and carry out the heating process efficiently.

A Plastic Wrap microwaved once is not considered safe for further usage.

It works best only at the optimum temperature limit, or else the plastic film melts and leaches chemicals into the food.

Do not cover food like fatty and sugary items with Plastic Wraps, as they attract plasticizers from the Plastic compared to other food products.

Finally, only choose Plastic Wrap that has a microwave-safe label on it.

Plastic manufacturers are always eager to create a new type of sealing Wrap that is reliable, health safe, and disposable.

Is It Safe To Microwave Plastic Wrap Packed Meals?

According to the FDA recommendation, it is advised not to pack the food directly with Plastic Wrap. It is only to avoid the food from getting in touch with the Wrap as the heating process will enhance the mixing up of plasticizers into the food.

However, the Plastic Wrap is completely microwave-safe when it covers the food with a certain gap between the two. Always go for a deeper or shallow container for microwaving with plastic Wrap covering the brim.

For this reason, do not microwave Plastic Wrap around flat plates as there would be less or no space. This maintenance of the gap between the food and Plastic Wrap will evenly distribute the heat, encourage airflow, and help escape the steam from the top corners.

Finally, it is a well-processed Plastic Wrap that withstands high heat levels and perfectly carries out the microwaving process with safety.

Do Plastic Wraps Cause Any Health Risks?

When hearing of Plastics the only second thought that strikes our mind is its health side-effects. But unfortunately, it does not relate to the Plastic Wrap very well. And the reason why Plastic Wraps are safe for health is as follows:

Firstly, these Plastic Wraps do not get in touch with the food directly while heating and maintain a gap between the food surface and plastic film. So, no health risks are aroused when following standard safety measures while microwaving Plastic Wraps.

Secondly, the Plastic Wrap itself is a BPA-free item and does not contain dioxin, and is thus safe to be used in a microwave

However, the health risks from plastics are caused when it gets burned or melted. It then releases a harmful dioxin chemical compound that causes cancer.

For this purpose, we strictly recommend keeping the heating temperature limit and timing duration very low. Thus, it is the only best way to avoid burning or melting Plastic Wrap while inside the microwave.

Types of Microwave Safe Plastic Wrap

The below-mentioned Plastic Wraps contain BPA- free plastic known as Low-Density Polyethylene LDPE and Linear Low-Density Polyethylene LLDPE that is a 100% healthy food product.

They cling well to the bowl and make sure the heat distributes uniformly. These Plastic Wraps are safe to handle both hot and cold food items, maintain the freshness of food, and retain food moisture.

Here is a list of reliable microwave-safe Plastic Wrap and Covers that makes the heating process easy-going and risk-free.

  1. Microwave-safe Cling Film
  2. Professional Grade Plastic Wrap
  3. Kirkland Signature Stretch Plastic Wrap
  4. Plastic Plate Cover
  5. Plastic Cover with Steam Vent Lid

Best Techniques While Microwaving Plastic Wrap

Things to consider while microwaving Plastic Wrap

  • Place the food inside a bowl or container with top-end sides to ensure a considerable gap. So, there will be no sign of leaching chemicals into the food and no effect of heat on the film.
  • Microwaving Plastic Wrap is only considered best for food items having a low affinity for heat temperature. Make loose Plastic Covering around the container to prevent extra pressure inside the bowl.
  • Always set the microwave at optimum power limit and low temperature within a time limit of fewer than 2 minutes.
  • It is to ensure the Plastic Wrap is safe from melting.
  • Remove the Plastic Wrap immediately after heating food as your hot dishes like stoneware can cause slow-melting mix-up chemicals into the food.

How Long Can You Microwave The Plastic Wrap?

Do not cover the food with Plastic Wrap to be microwaved for a longer time length and above 65°C or 150°F temperature. Instead, you can use well-structured Plastic Covers with Lid holes for microwaving process.

The actual time for microwaving Plastic Wrap depends upon setting up the microwave power limit. It requires 20 minutes for microwaving Plastic Wrap at an optimum power set up. And for a high-temperature setup, it is best to use less than 2 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, a microwave-safe Plastic film will not harm you when you choose to microwave within a proper temperature set up along with power limit and time length.

Safety Reminders While Microwaving Plastic Wrap

Buying a microwave-safe Plastic Wrap will only be beneficial when used with caution. To make proper use of Plastic Wrap without causing any uncertainties, you need to remember the following safety reminders:

Buy the Plastic Wrap from a reliable brand that provides BPA-free cling film. As such Plastic Wraps are made to handle the temperature efficiently.

If Plastic Wrap is covering the bowl too tightly, ensure to make few holes on the top of the Wrap. It will help escape the extra humid air. And if you forget to do so and a bulge is formed, still you can carve these holes when the heating is done.

If you feel not satisfied with the Plastic Wrap results, swap them with Plastic Covers containing Lid holes. They are easy to handle and are made from silicone. It is to make them heat-resistant and survive the required temperature limit effectively.


With the above discussion, it becomes clear that it is safe to put Plastic Wrap in the microwave. Its microwave safety is due to high-quality build-up with no traces of BPA chemicals. Thus, makes the Plastic Wrap Dioxin-free and protecting it from spreading high-risk health issues like cancer.

However, it is suggested to follow basic precautionary measures when microwaving food. Firstly, always look for the manufacturer’s website and “microwave safe” label for its proper use.

Next, cover the Plastic Wrap loosely at the high sides of the bowl, escaping the steam. And beware of maintaining a distance between food and the thin film wrap during the heating process.

Plastic Wraps are microwave-safe guaranteed only when the food is heated at an optimum temperature limit of fewer than 2 minutes. With high temperature and greater power limit, the Plastic becomes highly unstable and causes melting and leaching of Plasticizers into the food.

Lastly, do not use Plastic Wrap for microwaving food more than once.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Popcorn be Microwaved in Plastic Wrap?

Yes, it is safe to microwave popcorn in a bowl covered with high-quality Plastic Wrap. Cover it loosely with the Plastic Wrap and remove it at once when microwaved. It will help to retain the crispiness of popcorns.

Is Styrofoam Microwave Safe?

A polystyrene container like Styrofoam labeled “Microwave-safe” can only be used for microwaving process. And if there is no such label, avoid using it.

Why should I cover the food with Plastic Wrap?

Covering the food with Plastic Wrap is to store the leftover food, keeping the prepared meals covered, and prevent the microwaving food from causing splatters. It also locks the freshness of your food and prevents the accumulation of food odor inside the refrigerator.

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