Can You Refreeze Marinated Meat?

Can You Refreeze Marinated Meat

We all love marinades as it adds an herby and spicy flavor to the meat, whether beef or chicken. However, if you are not cooking the meat pieces any sooner, you might think of freezing them.

Freezing once is alright, but what if you need to store it again in the freezer after thawing? Is it a safe idea to refreeze marinated meat?

You can refreeze marinated meat but only under a few circumstances. Meat thawed in the refrigerator can undergo refreezing, while other defrosting methods do not complement the process. Ensure to store the marinade in proper packaging, as then it will last up to three months.

Food wastage is an issue we all want to avoid at every cost. Refreezing the thawed food, including marinated meat, can be helpful, but we must follow the correct precautionary steps. Let’s read the article to find out more!

Can You Refreeze Marinated White Meat?

Marinating meat is a great way to enhance its flavor and tenderize it before cooking. Especially when a guest arrives, coating the chicken pieces in the seasoned liquid is a must to serve them a delicious meal. But, sometimes, due to the change of plan, people often store their marinated chicken in the freezer for later use.

It all goes smooth until you defrost the marinated chicken and want to store it again. You can consider refreezing the marinated white meat, but it has certain limitations. Twice-freezing is only possible when you defrost the meat in the refrigerator and not by other methods.

Furthermore, proper safety packaging is crucial in freezing and refreezing. The meat is prone to contamination, and you must be extra careful while handling it.

Also, refreezing will affect the quality of the marinated chicken anyway, so it is not an ideal option. Nonetheless, the meat will still be safe and edible.

Can You Refreeze Marinated Red Meat?

Barbecue plans are always incomplete without marinated red meat. However, if you canceled the plan last minute and now you want to refreeze the defrosted marinated beef, it is a safe option to consider.

But, just like white meat, marinated beef also needs to be thawed only in the refrigerator. Other defrosting techniques are a NO-NO when it comes to refreezing protein-based food.

Moreover, refreezing will change the taste and texture of the seasoned beef, and it will never be the same as before. Safety-wise, the meat is okay for consumption as long as you store it in vacuum-sealed bags/containers.

What Are The Concerns With Refreezing Marinated Meat?

A few concerns need to be addressed when you want to refreeze meat that has already been frozen and defrosted.

Firstly, thawed meat pieces undergo a loss of moisture and texture. It is the direct result of ice crystal formation inside the freezer that ruptures the cell walls of the meat. So, refreezing means the marinated meat will suffer even more in terms of taste and texture.

The second concern is food safety related. Most cooking enthusiasts avoid constant thawing and freezing meat because of the risk of bacterial growth and food-borne illnesses.

This issue can be dealt with by following proper food-storing techniques.

The Proper Way To Refreeze Marinated Meat; Find Now!

  • If you keep the marinated meat at refrigerator temperature (during thawing), this will reduce the chances of bacterial contamination to a great extent.
  • As most marinades are acidic (due to vinegar or other such flavorings), it provides an additional layer of protection against harmful pathogens.
  • But, if you left the marinade at room temperature for more than two hours, I suggest cooking the meat immediately rather than refreezing it.
  • For marinated meat thawed in the refrigerator, transfer it to either a vacuum-sealed bag or air-tight container.
  • The proper packing will ensure that the meat remains contamination-free and protected from freezer burns.
  • Using small flat bags or containers to store the marinade is even better as they freeze faster than oversized packaging.
  • Do label the bag with the date of refreezing to keep track and let the marinated meat refreeze for a while.

Why Is Safe Defrosting Important For Refreezing?

Thawing plays a crucial role in refreezing food products, especially meat. When you want to cook the meat immediately after thawing, it matters less what defrosting technique you use. Either you go for microwaving or placing it under cold running water, they will do the job.

However, if you plan to refreeze the marinated meat, it will only work if you thaw it in the refrigerator. Inside the fridge, the chances of contamination are minimal, unlike other defrosting methods that pose a risk of bacterial spread.

Thinner meat like steaks or flat roasts can defrost overnight, while thicker meat might require a day or more to thaw thoroughly in the refrigerator. Ensure to put the marinated meat in a water-tight container to prevent the leaking juice from contaminating other food inside the fridge.

How Long Can You Refreeze Marinated Meat?

Marinated meat can remain refrozen for up to three months in the freezer. But, you must follow the proper refreezing procedure mentioned above to keep the coated meat long-lasting. If you do not follow the safety precautions, the meat can spoil earlier than the predicted time.

In addition, when you desire to use the meat, defrost it in the refrigerator and use it within twenty-four hours. Any leftover marinade that came accidentally in contact with raw meat should never be re-used due to the risk of contamination.

Once refrozen, you must cook the marinated meat and not leave it unattended. You should avoid refreezing the marinade once again, as the quality will be reduced significantly to the point that you won’t even wish to eat it.


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