How Much Is A Juicer

How Much Is A Juicer

If you have recently developed an interest in juicing, you might be in search of a good-quality juicer. With so many choices available, you may need to find one that remains in your budget and performs excellently. It might lead you to ask, how much is a juicer?

The price range of juicers can start from $30, rising to $2000. The difference in cost depends upon the type, make, model, and functions of a juicer. Centrifugal juicers’ price lies between $50-180 while masticating juicers are around $350 and above. Triturating juicers are costly and exceed the $400 range.

It can be tough to decide which type of juicer to pick, especially when you are new to juicing. This in-depth guide below will help you identify the right juicer for you, along with prices and pros and cons.

How Much does A Juicer Cost?

It’s a valid claim that juicing is a great way to fulfill your fruits and vegetable intake. In addition, it is also quick to absorb nutrients from juice rather than whole foods. But, it all comes down to owning a good juicer if you are concerned about your health and want to change your lifestyle. Investing in a quality juicer that keeps up with your routine makes the whole process easy and convenient.

If you are looking for options that match your budget, there are various categories of juicers to check. The cheapest and most affordable ones are manual juicers that cost around $20- $30. But their usage is limited to citrusy fruits only. The standard juicer for most kitchens is a centrifugal juicer with a price tag of about $50-$180.

Then comes the pricier option, slow or masticating juicers which can cost above $300 and even higher. Lastly, the most expensive of all is triturating juicers, which cost from $400 to thousands of dollars. Deciding on which juicer to buy depends heavily upon your juicing routine, frequency of use, and budget.

What Type Of Juicer Should You Get?

When it comes to buying the best juicer, it should be the one that perfectly matches your juicing needs. Whether you are a dedicated juicer or like sipping a healthy juice occasionally, getting a juicer that fits your preferences makes it easy to spend the budget on the right product.

Centrifugal juicers

If you are just an occasional juicer, then a more convenient option would be to select centrifugal juicers. They are light, simple to use and set up, and easy to clean due to the removable parts. In addition, you can use them to juice a variety of food such as apples, carrots, and even hard fruits and vegetables. However, the only issue with these juicers is that they are speedy and loud, which some people may find annoying.

Nonetheless, centrifugal juicers are usually the go-to and the most affordable choice for those new in the juicing world. You can get a quality model with an initial price of $50, which is way less than masticating juicers.

Masticating juicers

The masticating juicers press maximum juice from the fruits and veggies, resulting in a higher yield. These slow juicers effortlessly juice various foods, including leafy greens that are otherwise difficult to juice. Moreover, they also take more time to create juice without heating up and preserve more nutrients in the final product.

Thus, masticating juicers can be a good option for those who take juicing seriously. The increased price tag of almost above $200 is a wise investment if you regularly juice different fruits and vegetables. Other juicers might not be able to stand frequent usage and damage way before the intended time.

Triturating juicers

Triturating or twin gear juicers are the best multipurpose electric juicers but are more expensive than the rest. People who prefer juicing all the time and experimenting with different fruits and vegetables can consider investing in these twin gear juicers. They extract more nutrients from the produce than other juicers and can even grind seeds and nuts.

However, most models of twin gear juicers start from about $400 and go up to several thousand dollars. So, invest in such an expensive juicer only when you feel it covers your requirements.

Best Juicers To Buy: Find Here!

Now that you know the different juicers categories, and their pros and cons, let’s briefly look at the top-rated juicers. So, you can easily pick one remaining in your budget.

Best centrifugal juicer: Breville juice fountain cold juicer

Breville juice fountain cold centrifugal juicers are an all-rounder and highly suggested by juicing experts. They give tough competition to cold press juicers, and the juice produced has a shelf life of almost 72 hours. With this juice extractor, you can juice fruits and vegetables with no time and without compromising the nutrient quality. The price of this model starts from about $180, which is acceptable considering all the benefits you can get.

Best masticating juicer: Hurom HP slow juicer

Hurom HP slow juicer has a compact design and is super effective at juicing almost all types of produce. The performance range of this juicer is vast, as from pineapple to dark leafy kale, it can juice smoothly without any problem. It swiftly grinds the ingredients, extracting the maximum nutrients and pushing the pulp into a separate bin. This juice extractor costs over $300 and is ideal for enthusiastic juicers.

Best triturating juicer: Tribest life green star elite

Green star elite twin gear juicers come fully equipped with the latest features with the main aim of keeping the nutrients in the juice at the highest levels. They are designed to delay oxidation and retain most of the vitamins and minerals in your produce. Along with incredible efficiency and nutrient retention rate, this juicer can perform non-juicing duties such as making nut butter, mincing sauces, etc. The estimated price of this juicing machine is around $600, but it is a one-time investment with life-long usability.

Is It Worth Spending On A Juicer?

Buying or not buying a juicer depends upon your usage and how much you are fond of trying juices regularly. They might not be that common in the kitchen, like blenders, but they are still a handy appliance. So, if you enjoy drinking healthy juices or want to give them to your kids, it is worth spending on a juicer. It will make your life much easier, and you can squeeze some fresh juice whenever you need it.

Moreover, you can save money this way, because you won’t have to buy juices from the market. Also, you’ll be relieved knowing that you are serving fresh and clean juice to your kids and family. In addition, juicing is more effective than whole foods as nutrients get quickly absorbed into the bloodstream, providing you with all the vitamins and minerals your body requires.

Which juicer is perfect for beginners?

If you are new to the world of juicing, you might be in search of a juicer that matches your needs and is budget-friendly. Although many cheap juicers are available in the market, they might not give you satisfactory results and lead to frequent problems. Similarly, high-end juicers can be expensive and out of budget for most of us.

Thus, a mid-range juicer is a perfect option for beginners, as it lasts longer and functions well. Centrifugal juicers can be a wise pick for you as they juice a variety of products plus cost less. Moreover, you can also consider mid-range masticating juicers that will give you a high yield with more nutrient retention. At last, you need to figure out which type is the closest to your requirements to make a final decision.


A juicer can cost as low as $50 and up to $2000, depending on the type and specifications. For those who juice almost every morning and noon, we suggest a mid-range masticating juicer, a budget-friendly and less-noise-making option. It also retains most of the nutrients of fruits and veggies, including essential antioxidants and enzymes, lost otherwise through juicing by other means.

A centrifugal juicer is a good start for beginners and those with an extremely tight budget. Although they may not perform as well as masticating juicers, you can still juice many ingredients with this machine. Triturating juicers are high-end, expensive juicers, so if you are willing to pay more, they are the ultimate winners in the juicing industry.


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