How To Label Food In The Freezer? (4 Best Methods)

How To Label Food In The Freezer

Imagine you had a hectic day while hunger hit you right in the stomach, and as you open the freezer, a big mess stares right back at you.

To save yourself from such disappointment, you might feel the urge to arrange your food neatly. So, the first step to achieving your goal is to know how to label food in the freezer?

You can label food inside the freezer by numerous methods. A masking tape is a good option if you don’t possess the required labeling supplies. For long-term results, use freezer-specific labels. They perform well in low-temperature environments. Another alternative is to get a label maker for a more customized look for your freezer labels.

This article will provide you with in-depth detail about different labeling techniques and which one complements your storage routine.

Labelling Food In The Freezer: A Step By Step Guide

As Most of us are always in a hurry, it often results in day-to-day disorganization.

Sometimes, we end up with overstuffed food in the freezer, creating a mess and causing everything to mix up. It becomes hard to dig in and find that one particular food item you need.

Thus, labeling food in the freezer can be a good starter for organizing your stuff inside.

Let’s discover how to tag food by the most long-lasting and convenient methods.

How to label food in the freezer? 4 Best Methods

There are many ways to label your food inside the freezer, and which one will work the most depends upon your storage technique.
Below is a list of different food-labeling methods and what storage bags/ containers they suit.

1. Using masking tape

Once you plan to label your food for the freezer and are short of time, no need to panic. Grab some masking tape and a sharpie/permanent marker, and you are good to go. It works well for most storage containers and bags like mason jars, Ziploc bags, etc.

The following few tips and tricks will make your homemade labels last longer inside the freezer.

  1. Before applying the label, ensure that the container is completely dry and grease-free so that it can stick well for an extended time.
  2. Removing masking tape might leave behind some adhesive residue. You can remove it after washing the container thoroughly.
  3. The advantage of using this method is that you can erase the writing on the label with rubbing alcohol and reuse it.

2. Freezer tapes

Another conventional way of labeling your food is by using freezer tapes and is ideal for tagging items placed in cold spaces. These tags have specialized low-temperature adhesives that stick tight on all kinds of storage containers.

It makes the freezer tapes quite long-lasting, and they won’t come off inside the freezer as they can stay put to tolerate -40 degrees F, keeping items labeled.

3. Pre-cut freezer labels

If you don’t want to take the pain of making masking tape labels, you can also use pre-cut labels that are readily available in the market. You might also find them in many sizes and templates on online platforms. And, you can make your custom-made labels through some sites.

They are made from freezer-proof material and can stick on almost every type of freezer bag/container. Just mention the relevant names and stick them onto your containers/bags.

4. Label makers

If you want to enhance your organizational skills, label makers are a must for you. It not only creates perfect labels for your storage bags/containers but makes everything look nice and neat.

They are easy to use and allow you to create and print your label in seconds. Label makers work well for Ziploc bags, jars, and plastic containers.

We recommend DYMO LetraTag LT-100H Handheld, Label Maker.

What To Mark On Food Labels For Freezer?

While labeling your food can make the identification process easy, there are certain things you must highlight on the labels.

  • Firstly, make sure to write the content of the container. It is helpful in cases when the storage boxes have lids. So you cannot peak inside to know what it might contain.
  • It is also important to mention the freezing date on your labels. It will give you an idea in the future about what food lasted the longest in the freezer and what you should discard.
  • You can also include preparation instructions for the content and can be beneficial to your guests staying at your home.
  • Mention the ‘best before by’ or ‘use-by date on your food labels to allow you to keep freezing track of your food items.

How Long Can Labels Last Inside The Freezer?

The stay of labels inside the freezer can depend upon various factors. First of all, the quality of your food labels holds importance.
For good results, pick and choose the best, long-lasting food tags as low-quality ones might not withstand low temperatures and tear or smudge.

Secondly, a poor application can also result in the labels not sticking properly. Thus, it is better to go for freezer-friendly adhesive labels. Stick them well by pressing them gently with your finger, and they will last for as long as you like.

The Best Way To Label And Organize Your Food

By far, the most effective and professional way to label your food inside the freezer is with the help of a label maker.

It creates labels that come off effortlessly, is reusable, and do not create unnecessary waste.

Also, label makers are portable and handy and you don’t have to search and remember where you placed them, as in the case of sticker labels or tapes.

All you have to do is keep it charged and create labels while doing other chores simultaneously.


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