How Long Can HelloFresh Stay In The Box?

How Long Can HelloFresh Stay In The Box?

HelloFresh noticeably reduces the burden of meal planning and grocery shopping. It’s a savior for those who don’t have enough time for extensive meal prep. Nevertheless, people new to meal kits have a few concerns, like what if you cannot cook the prepped ingredients on time? Can HelloFresh still stay fresh in the box?

HelloFresh meals can stay in the box for about two days at room temperature. Thanks to the insulated liners and vacuum packs, which minimize the risk of spoilage to a significant degree. But, few products might have a shorter life span than 48 hours, and it is better to cook them immediately. Or, you can also freeze them for some time.

It can be tough to manage and think of new recipes daily, especially with a busy routine. It is where meal kits like HelloFresh take the lead and makes life less tiring. We have explained in detail the shelf life of their products while in the packing.

HelloFresh Meals Life Span In The Box: Risks VS Benefits

HelloFresh has made cooking easy for everyone by delivering delicious ingredients with simple-to-follow recipe cards. In addition, they also focus a lot on their packaging so that you receive them fresh and intact. Their innovative approach towards hundred-percent recyclable and environment-friendly packaging is a wise step.

Your food from HelloFresh gets delivered in a specially insulated box filled with ice packs. Moreover, the ingredients are further covered in vacuum packs to keep everything as fresh as possible.

Thus, the food can remain safely in the box for up to twenty-four hours outside the fridge. The unique packaging will prevent them from early spoilage and air contamination.

However, there are certain factors that you need to consider before leaving the food unchecked inside the HelloFresh box.

Meal kit ingredients

The stay of HelloFresh meals in the box depends primarily upon the ingredients included in the meal kit. Some food varieties, such as hard vegetables, can remain in the box for as long as 48 hours after the expected delivery date.

On the other hand, protein-based food, especially seafood, might not last this long at room temperature inside the box. It is because they are prone to degrade faster. And, even the top-quality packaging won’t be enough to prevent spoilage.

Expiration date

Most of the time, HelloFresh meals come with a pre-mentioned expiration date which can vary for different food elements. Meals with meat, fish, or lentils are best when frozen before the expiry. If you let them stay in the box for too long without freezing, they will start showing signs of degradation. Thus, it is advisable to use them soon in cooking or put them in the freezer.


AlthoughHelloFresh boxes are well insulated to keep the food cold and fresh, it is better not to let the ingredients inside for a prolonged period. After some time, the ice pack in the box starts to melt, and it can no longer keep the food safe from temperature changes. So, a good step is to transfer everything to the refrigerator if you do not intend to cook them during those hours.

How Long Do HelloFresh Boxes Stay Cold?

HelloFresh makes sure that the outer environment does not negatively affect the food. They have designed their boxes specifically to allow the pre-prepped meals to stay cold for up to two days (48 hours) after reaching your doorstep. Even if it’s outside directly under the sun, the food will remain cool due to the ice packs inside the box.

Their company takes all these preventive measures keeping in sight the possibility people might not be at home when HelloFresh is delivered. Thus, it’s a relief knowing that the food will not spoil quickly after arriving on your porch. Nonetheless, ensure to transfer them afterward to a fridge or freezer to reduce the chances of contamination.

How Long Does HelloFresh Last In The Fridge?

The best way to get the maximum flavor and taste from HelloFresh meals is to eat them soon after they get delivered. But, if you have a sudden change of plans, you can easily preserve them in a refrigerator. HelloFresh can last in the fridge for more than three to four days and is safe for later consumption.

However, this time frame can vary slightly for different food products. For instance, softer veggies or meat-based meals might lose their flavor and texture if you keep them for an extended period inside the fridge. But, from a safety point of view, they will still be healthy and edible. If you want to store them for more than four days, you can also consider freezing HelloFresh.

Final Thoughts

HelloFresh delivers weekly boxes of fresh ingredients with recipes to help make mealtime easier. They turn cooking into a fun experience, and the products arrive in an impressive state. Their specialized insulated boxes take the credit here as they keep the food unharmed. Even after long shipment hours, you always get all the ingredients as good as new.

The HelloFresh boxes protect the food from turning inedible for up to two days. But, the timing can vary for various products because some perish faster than others. Thus, if you want to avoid wastage, it is best to transfer the ingredients to the fridge or freeze them soon after you receive them, or cook them on the spot. After all, nothing can beat the quality of food when it is still fresh and tender.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you put HelloFresh bags in the fridge?

As HelloFresh bags are well insulated and the ingredients vacuum sealed, you can put them directly in the fridge. Their packaging is freezer-friendly and is successful in protecting the food from spoilage. However, if you notice any leakage or damage to the bags, better remove them and transfer the meals to airtight containers.

How long can a HelloFresh box stay outside?

According to the HelloFresh team, their boxes can remain outside at room temperature for up to twenty-four hours. Even if the ice pack melts during this span, the vacuum packaging will help separate the cold air and keep the food fresh. Afterward, you can safely cook them or put them in a fridge.

Can you freeze HelloFresh meals before cooking?

It is possible to freeze HelloFresh meals before you cook them. But, make sure the ingredients you get are freezer friendly. Not all of them are good to freeze as some food elements tend to change their texture and turn out unpleasant to eat. Thus, cook the ingredients soon after receiving, if possible, to enjoy optimum flavors.


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