Can You Eat Coconut Crabs and How do They Taste?

Can You Eat Coconut Crabs

Belonging to the family of crabs, coconut crabs are much-celebrated seafood around the world. Their distinct sweet and mild flavors are what make them a must-try dish. You might also be interested in experiencing their taste at least one time.

As few reports have declared them poisonous, it might have made you double-minded if you can eat coconut crabs and are they safe?

You can eat coconut crabs, and they are safe for consumption. They contain many vital vitamins and minerals that are good for the body. Ensure to have them from a trustable place, so there is no chance of any health risks. They must be fresh and cleaned well, or they may lead to stomach illnesses. Avoid eating them raw or undercooked to minimize the occurrence of food poisoning.

Before you proceed and give coconut crab a taste-go, there are certain aspects that you must know to have a better experience. This article highlights all the points that will help you with your adventurous eating journey.

Are Coconut Crabs Edible: Why Or Why Not?

Coconut crabs are unique, found in islands across the Indian Ocean and the central Pacific Ocean. It is a delicacy for the islanders, and they describe the taste as similar to lobster or crabmeat. Their best-considered parts are the female eggs and the fat in the abdomen.

Nowadays, people are more driven toward seafood mainly because of its rich nutritional value. If you happen to be one of them, the good news is you can eat this large species of crab. They are edible, safe, and won’t cause any health risks if cooked well.

You can serve coconut crab in many ways, including boiled and steamed and some islanders also prefer cooking them in coconut milk. However, it is necessary to know they are endangered species. So, it is not a wise idea to kill and hunt this sea animal.

Do Coconut Crabs Taste Good?

Although coconut crabs might look odd and majestic, their meat is delicious, and you will enjoy the distinct flavors. Their taste is almost identical to regular crab meat or lobsters. Some food enthusiasts describe them as tasting like peanut butter.

The most enjoyable parts of the coconut crab are the abdomen fat, and the flavors enhance after steaming or boiling them. Similarly, many seafood lovers also get excited about the coconut crab eggs and consider them the best of all.

Their meat tastes great, making it one of the top favorite seafood and widely acknowledged. The buttery and sweet combination makes it stand apart from other sea edibles.

How Do You Eat A Coconut Crab?

There are many ways by which you can eat and appreciate a coconut crab. Generally, people consume abdominal sacks and crab eggs because they have the highest nutritional value. However, it depends upon your preference if you want to eat these specific parts or the coconut crab as a whole.

You can serve the coconut crab fried or cooked using moist heat. The low heat help preserves all the flavors and nutrients, and you can pair the crab with various ingredients. In some regions, they cook coconut crab in coconut milk because it compliments well with the meat.

It is crucial to know that you thoroughly cook or boil the crab before finally consuming it. It is not poisonous, but coconut crab can become toxic after eating certain plant types. So, ensure to avoid having this crab if it looks undercooked or raw.

The Perfect Method To Cook A Coconut Crab

If you have made up your mind to prepare a tasty crab dish at home, make sure to use the freshest seafood you can get in the market for the best results. As seafood is protein-based, it tends to perish quickly. So, it is crucial to get it fresh for any recipe you want to create.

Afterward, thoroughly clean your coconut crab to remove any unwanted debris. You can then proceed with your desired recipe, and there are plenty available online. The choices are endless as you can boil, steam, bake, broil and grill your crab per your liking.

One of the most common recipes is coconut crab paired with coconut milk. It is simple and easy to make, and the end product you get is deliciously creamy and spicy. Some people also steam the crab and enjoy the sweet meat with a spiced vinegar dip. Either way, you will love the rich taste and flavors.

Health Benefits Of Eating A Coconut Crab

Like other sea animals, coconut crab meat has plenty of nutrition and protein. It has the potential to strengthen your body and balance out deficiencies. As a great source of protein, it helps maintain a good muscle mass and fuels the body after a physical workout.

Another great benefit of having crab meat in your diet is letting you stay full after eating. Thus, indirectly, it prevents overeating and weight gain. It also contains many essential vitamins and minerals suitable for boosting overall health.

Undoubtedly, consuming crab meat has a lot of positive effects on your well-being. But, you must know it is on the verge of extinction.

Over the recent years, hunting and eating of coconut crab have risen at an alarming pace. It is better to drop the idea of eating them as part of your regular meals to protect these sea creatures. A one-time experience might be okay, but you must avoid its over-consumption.

Can Eating A Coconut Crab Make You Sick?

Coconut crab itself is not poisonous and considered harmless to the health. However, it might not be the case every time. The diet of this sea inhabitant determines whether it will turn out poisonous or not.

If certain plant species are part of their food intake, it is possible that consuming such a crab might make you sick afterward.

To prevent any unwanted situation, always have coconut crab from reputable places. Hygiene and cooking methods can also play a significant role in causing any stomach illness or food poisoning. So, make sure you do not eat it from a place that is not up to the mark.


As far as safety is concerned, you can eat and enjoy a coconut crab’s meat. It tastes delicious, and you can prepare it in different ways. However, it is not advisable to have this crab species regularly in your diet. Because of increased hunting, they are gradually decreasing and at the risk of extinction.

Coconuts crabs are fried, boiled, and cooked in coconut milk, especially on islands where you find them. You can try them out as you desire but ensure that they are fresh and clean. If not, they can lead to serious health issues, and you do not want that to happen.

Besides having a sweet meaty taste, coconut crabs are well-known for having a high nutritional value. They prove beneficial for your health if consumed in a moderate amount.

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