Can You Freeze Jello? (How Long Does It Last)

Can You Freeze Jello

Jello Gelatin elasticity is all that counts for giving it a unique wiggle and enjoyable taste. Storing the prepared Jello sounds good for summer’s party. It is because of the delicate texture of Jello that it needs your little bit of attention about can you freeze Jello?

You can freeze Jello in the freezer for about one week. Although its gelatin texture gets affected over time, the taste remains the same. Store the Jello inside the fridge or cupboard within a temperature range of 23°C. For Jello with fruits and other additives, keep it in the freezer for about 2-3 days.

So, Jello comes as a food saver for giving you low calories healthy food. To save its protein-rich content and texture, it is vital to store and freeze it the right way without getting it spoiled.

Ingredient That Makes Freezing Jello Notable

Before diving into the freezing property of Jello, it is preferable to know which ingredient makes the Jello.

At first, Jello belonged to the Kraft food brand, which became famous for making gelatin-based desserts and snacks. And later, it became part of the marketing industry for various dessert-making brands.

While the gelatin contains no such flavor, color, or taste, the creators opted for adding food additives such as fruit coloring, flavors, and sweeteners, to give it an enriching texture.

So, gelatin is the basic portion that deals with the Jello formulation. Also, it is vital to discover how to handle gelatin-based freezing Jello? And, is it safe to freeze it?

What Is Gelatin?

In Jello creation, the molecules that bring its structure are due to the unsecured bonds of gelatin arrangement. They look similar in shape to the tangled strands, unlike the bonds mentioned in our chemistry course.

Further, its composition contains a collagen protein, which is extracted during the processing of meat. For this reason, animal bones and hides are boiled for the preparation of Gelatin.

Now we also know the reason why vegetarians prefer using agar-agar Jello instead of Gelatin-based jelly products.

As a matter of fact, not all food items do well in the freezer because their ingredients do not support the frosting function. So, either you will have to consume it in its freezing form without defrosting it or discard it before it starts to spoil.

As part of Gelatin consumption alone, it helps in providing strength to the bones and joint functioning. Also, gelatin-based jellies are a good source of glowing skin and hair. For healthy eating, ensure to get the sugar-free jellies that help in maintaining the body weight.

While gelatin is well-known for its elastic nature, what happens if its Jello goes in the freezer?

Can You Freeze Jello?

Yes, you can freeze Jello while its shelf life remains unaffected, but few changes will occur during the freezing process.

The moment of truth now, for Jello does not turn into ice cubes, as it has got gelatin in it. The only thing that gets affected during freezing is its internal texture which further leads to the Breaking of Jello.

So, when you freeze and unfreeze the Jello, its polymer and colloids content gets crushed. They are an integral part of giving elasticity to gelatin-based Jello. Although some portions may remain intact, Jello will loosen its texture after defrosting.

In the end, you will not feel the Jello as good as an appetizer as it was before freezing it. Somehow you can still enjoy the taste of Jello.

What Happens to the Freezing Jello Shots?

To get the ball rolling, Jello shots contain alcohol, which makes its ingredients stand on a very different level. It is because alcohols have a low freezing temperature and do not go well with the gelatin freezing temperature.

Where Jello Shots will require the freezing temperature up to -97°C, it is thus impossible for the freezer camera which only supports the -20°C freezing point.

So, Jello Shots will not freeze, but their molecular uniformity may change after several hours. Further, another question that may pop up in your mind is, what is the effective way of storing the Jello to keep it fresh?

Where Can I Store The Jello?

Things to consider for storing the Jello are as follows:

  • The most suitable place is keeping the prepared Jello inside the fridge with its proper plastic wrapping and to lock the moisture retention. The air-tight packaging thus prevents it from getting spoiled.
  • For unopened Jello, in its packaging, it is safe to place it inside a cupboard. So, the only thing that needs your attention is that the temperature should not exceed 23°C.
  • For the dry Jello, it is best to store it in a cool and dry spot with no sign of moisture or heat.
  • As a matter of fact, when temperature changes occur, moisture gets attracted to the food, results in mold formation, and spoils the food.
  • If you have brought the Jello on the Shelf, try to freeze/store it in the same place to avoid temperature variation and help maintain its structure before it is ready for serving. So, to your curiosity, you can freeze Jello pudding pops for about 8 to 12 months that come already frozen.
  • Thus, keeping in mind a few easy tips and handling the storing of food properly, you get hands-on cutting extra food costs while consuming your favorite dessert more healthily.

How Long Can You Freeze Jello?

When you have placed the prepared Jello in the freezer by any means, now it is essential to keep an eye on the time duration of its safe freezing limit.

For prepared Jello without fruits, the Freezing Jello can go well in the refrigerator for about 7 to 10 days. For Jello with fresh fruits and other additives inside it, it is best to consume it within 2 to 3 days.

However, ensure your store is the right way, as mentioned above, and do not exceed the time limit as Jello can go bad over time if not kept the right way.

What are the Signs of Jello Going Bad?

To your surprise, Jello does go bad when it contains fruit or other organic preservatives. So, if it remains unconsumed for about one week, the Jello becomes sour. Things to note when Jello goes bad are as follows:

The first sign that indicates Jello’s bad texture is showing up of watery liquid on its surface. The sweetening taste gets changed into a rancid effect with a hint of sharp smelling.

Also, a dark mold appears after continuous exposure to the retention and keeping it at room temperature for a long time.

So, if you get any of these warning signs, do not consume it and discard the freezing Jello immediately.


To sum up, Freezing Jello is not a big issue. It is the handling and storing of it the right way and in the right corner that matters. Doing so is essential for keeping the texture and taste unaffected and avoiding moisture from accumulation.

However, if you do freeze the Jello, the shelf life will not show any effective results. It will make the Jello texture get separated at different parts due to the gelatin extraction inside it.

So, it is best to store and freeze the Jello inside the refrigerator for locking in its freshness and taste. Ensure to consume it within one week of storage as it gets spoiled after temperature variations.

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