Can You Freeze Oreos To Keep Them Fresh?

Can You Freeze Oreos

Freezing Oreos can help in guarding their perfect consistency of cookie and cream. You do not want to mess with the taste of the best-selling cookie in the world.

So, if you want to try frozen Oreos or prevent them from going stale, you might want to know Can you freeze Oreos?

You can freeze Oreos for at least 8 months in a freezer. Packed Oreos can be frozen by placing them in a freezer-specific Ziploc bag. For unpacked cookies, split them into portions and secure them separately in plastic wrap.

Freezing them is proven to be beneficial in maintaining the fresh store like crisp and crunch. This can be achieved by carrying out the following preventative steps.

Can You Freeze Oreos After Buying Them?

Oreos, like many other store-bought cookies, have a long shelf life. Over time they can lose their texture and become mushy. To preserve the firmness of the bite, it is ideal to freeze them without any delay.

There are two methods that can be applied to freeze them immediately.

  • If you bought a larger or jumbo pack of Oreos, you can freeze them effectively by sectioning them separately first. It is a convenient option because you can control how many or how few cookies you want to freeze together.
  • Smaller packs of Oreos can be frozen directly by keeping the original packaging on. It will reduce the chance of air contamination as well.

You can also Freeze Oreos in another packaging if you have already opened the store packaging. This way you can preserve the remaining leftover cookies.

How Can You Freeze Oreos?

how to freeze oreos

Freezing Oreos is very simple and hardly takes much effort and time. You can modify the freezing technique a bit depending upon your personal preference and how you want to store them.

If you have not yet opened your favorite cookies and plan to eat them later, you can easily freeze them by following these steps:

  • Place them with the original packaging in an airtight bag to secure it from cold freezer air. It will also minimize the chance of freezer burns.
  • Secondly, place them in a safe corner inside the freezer to avoid getting smashed or crumbled under the weight of other items present in the freezer.
  • Next, label the bag with the exact date and store them in this manner for up to 8 months.

In case you do not want to freeze all Oreos together, you can also freeze them individually as per your desired amount. This is a more convenient and safer way. All you need to do is

  • Place them in a freezer-safe plastic wrapping. Ensure to secure them tightly so that no side is left uncovered.
  • Now, Take the wrapped Oreos and store them in a heavy-duty freezer bag.
  • The additional layer will act as a shield to prevent other food flavors from getting in.
  • Lastly, Seal the packaging properly to keep it secure and lasting until the designated time.

How Long Is It Safe To Freeze Oreos?

Although Oreos can be kept frozen for more than seven months with the passage of time, the taste and texture get altered slightly. So, it is better to use them within the first two to three weeks to get the most of their crunchiness.

Besides, if you want to try out frozen Oreos and wonder how they taste, you can keep them in the freezer for a day or two. Even after a week, you can have a similar taste experience.

Extending their stay for more than a week in the freezer can turn them icy and cold. Although you can still take a bite from them, the flavors will be decreased significantly.

Freezing them for a long time can also make them very brittle and allow them to break easily. They have to be handled very cautiously or else they will look no more appetizing to eat.

Frozen Oreos With Milk

Oreos and milk are always a perfect combination and never get out of style. They have been paired together since Oreos were first introduced in 1912.

You can fulfill your craving for sweets by dipping the frozen cookies in a glass of milk. The amazing blend of both will make you try it again. There is a wide variety of flavors available in Oreos that will give you a unique taste every time you pair them with milk.

You can also dip the Oreos in milk before freezing them. When they absorb the milk, transfer them gently in a sealed bag. Leave it in the freezer for about 4 hours and when you take the bag out, the product will be a mouthwatering cookie n’ cream snack.


It is best to keep Oreos in a freezer to maintain the flavors. The freezing life can easily be prolonged up to a few months. But, the ideal consumption time is between the initial weeks.

They can be kept at room temperature if placed in a cool and dry place. Frequent exposure to air and humidity can make the cookies soft and soggy and thus not very pleasant to eat.

If Oreos are left unfrozen in an open environment for a long time, they can get moldy. It might result in food poisoning and other health-related risks if consumed unknowingly.

Thus, properly freezing them will have many benefits including healthier intake, reducing food cost, and avoiding unnecessary wastage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you freeze chocolate-covered Oreos?

Chocolate-covered Oreos can be kept in the freezer for about two weeks. This time span can be applied to both dark as well as milk chocolate layering.

Can you eat stale Oreos?

You can eat stale Oreos before they reach the expiration date. If there are no signs of mold, they will not cause any harmful effects on your health but they won’t taste good.

Is it safe to put Oreos in an oven?

It is completely safe to put Oreos in an oven. You can try out many amazing baking recipes with Oreos as the central ingredient.

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