Can You Microwave Frozen Chicken? (Tips To Defrost Safely)

can you microwave frozen chicken

Microwaving Frozen Food under food safety precautions is a real-time saver for preparing the meal in no time. But, to know how quickly you can microwave Frozen Chicken, it is best to follow basic tips for microwaving within a proper setup.

Start with taking out the Frozen Chicken and remove the plastic packaging to avoid melting chemicals into the food. Next, place it on a microwave-safe dish and set up the Microwave on defrosting mode for automatic working. Or carry out the microwaving of Frozen Chicken at a low power limit of 30% within intervals of 2 minutes per pound.

Thus, to ensure you prepare a healthy meal inside the Microwave, discover the following information for how the defrosting works and the correct size for Microwaving whole Chicken.

Can You Put Frozen Chicken In Microwave?

Microwaving Frozen Chicken is safe if you follow the specific instructions about the defrosting process. The defrosting in the Microwave takes cyclic turns to help its even distribution of waves. It thus melts the ice crystal through the conduction process and balances the temperature to defrost the chicken instead of cooking it.

To set up defrosting, check out the Microwave’s power limit and time setting. The Microwave can have automatic rotation when defrosting Chicken. But with a whole chicken inside the Microwave, make sure to check the progress every few minutes.

It is best to checkout for the Microwave defrosting symbol on the control panel. The sign is visible in the form of a snowflake or a snowflake with a drop. If no such information is available, consult your microwave manufacturer for better guidance. Or follow the instructions mentioned below on how to microwave frozen Chicken?

Is It Safe to Cook Frozen Chicken in Microwave?

Cooking Frozen Chicken directly in a microwave can be risky due to uneven frozen parts. By doing so, some pieces will remain raw while others get overcooked.

Thus, a Frozen Chicken must be defrosted completely in the Microwave before cooking. You can defrost Chicken by placing the Frozen Chicken bag inside cold water or in the fridge overnight. Also, ensure not to store the defrosted Chicken in the refrigerator for later cooking. The raw Chicken left for more than 2 hours can lead to illness.

Cook the Frozen Chicken immediately to prevent its exposure to high temperatures. To avoid the frozen bacteria from getting active and multiply its growth, keep the temperature limit below 40°F.

Lastly, maintain the internal temperature below room temperature for Cooking Chicken in the Microwave. It will thus stimulate an even heating process within a given time frame and prevent hot spots.

How To Microwave Frozen Chicken?

Can You Microwave Frozen Chicken

Here is a list of guidelines for microwaving Frozen Chicken to ensure perfect defrosting and cooking process:

  • Firstly, when placing the frozen Chicken in the Microwave, remove its packaging. The plastic wraps or Styrofoam are not heat-resistant and can melt or warp during the heating process. Thus, a wrapped Frozen Chicken results in leaching harmful chemicals into it.
  • Place the Frozen Chicken in a microwave-safe casserole or tray dish. Next, cover it loosely with a lid to allow steam venting.
  • Choose the Microwave defrosting function at the power limit of 30% for even distribution of heat and avoid unnecessary cooking of Frozen Chicken.
  • The defrost setting has cyclic rotation for evenly microwaving Frozen Chicken. Yet, check out the defrosting process manually at intervals of 2 minutes to avoid making hot spots.
  • When the edges of Frozen Chicken begin to warm up, immediately separate the pieces.
  • After defrosting, prepare the Chicken for cooking in the Microwave for healthy eating.
  • It will take 4-5 minutes per breast to cook in the Microwave.

How Long Can You Microwave Frozen Chicken?

According to the instructions, defrosting Frozen Chicken takes 7-8 minutes per pound. But, it is best to set up the Microwave at intervals of 2 minutes to turn over the pieces and rotate the dish continuously.

If the Chicken is still Frozen, add intervals of an extra 30 seconds until the Chicken gets warmed to its core. Next, allow the defrosted Chicken to sit for 1 minute to even out the temperature and end hot spots.

The time limit also depends on the thickness, size, and microwave wattage. For Bone-in Frozen Chicken, set up the Microwave at 50% – 30% power limit. While for Boneless/Skinless Frozen Chicken Breasts, set up the Microwave at 30% – 20% power limit.

Lastly, for Cooking Chicken in a microwave, set the temperature limit at 74°C -165°F.


To sum up, when microwaving Frozen Chicken, it is vital to carry out the defrosting process. Ensure to set up the time limit within intervals of 2 minutes per pound. Otherwise, setting up the timer for a longer span will cross the required temperature and result in slow cooking. It could also enhance the multiplication of bacteria growth.

Set up the defrosting time based on the size and thickness of the Frozen Chicken, its number of Bone-in or Boneless pieces, and microwave wattage. Thus, the required power limit for microwaving Frozen Chicken is 30%.

Ensure to defrost Chicken within the temperature limit that does not exceed 40°F. Lastly, prepare to cook the defrosted Chicken immediately within the temperature limit of 74°C -165°F for its healthy intake.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to microwave Frozen Chicken without defrosting button?

For defrosting Chicken in the Microwave, set up the power limit at 30%. And adjust the time limit according to the size and thickness of the Frozen Chicken pieces. Take intervals of 2 minutes and turn over the Frozen Chicken pieces until defrosted.

How Long can Frozen Chicken sit out at room temperature?

According to USDA, Frozen Chicken with temp below 40°F is considered safe for its use. It cannot sit at room temperature for more than 2 hours. So, cook the defrosted Chicken immediately. Ensure placing it in favorable conditions as crossing the temperature limitation can lead to health issues.

Can you microwave raw Chicken?

You can microwave and cook raw Chicken just like other meals. Add water to fill the tray about 1/3 and cover it loosely to collect steam. It takes 4-5 minutes per piece within a temperature limit of 165°F for its microwaving. Only make sure the raw Chicken is defrosted in the Microwave or refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth.

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