Can You Microwave Onions? (Tips You Need)

can you microwave onions

The microwaving of onion without soaking it in butter or oil usually results in the risks of its burning. So, to know how can you microwave onion? It is vital to carry out controlled microwave functioning for baking and sautéing of onion.

When microwaving onion, first peel off its skin and cut it into the desired form. Next, make a deep hole to fit in the appetizing cubes and fill the hole with butter. Place the seasoned onion in a microwave-safe container and cover it with a steam-vent lid. For its even cooking, set the microwave at an optimum power limit and heat it under medium temperature for about 5-7 minutes.

While microwaving process proves to be a quick process, it is vital to follow a proper heating setup and prevent onions from getting burned. Also, here are some of the most delicious recipes for whole onions to be microwaved.

Is it Safe To Cook Whole Onion In Microwave?

The frying of onion in a pan full of oil can lead to an unhealthy diet and consumes cooking time. However, you can carry out sautéing and baking whole onion in a microwave for safe and easy cooking.

Although onions are high in flavanols, they also contain trace amounts of minerals like iron, magnesium, and selenium. So, when you microwave an onion without applying butter, the microwave radiations interact directly with the onion and result in arcing. It can also further lead to its burning.

Yet, it is best to coat it with butter for the safe cooking of onion in the microwave. Also, using a microwave-safe dish with a heat-resistant feature ensures to prevent microwave radiations from penetrating the food.

Thus, microwaving whole onion using favorable methods helps in an even heating process. When a proper time limit is maintained, the onion is safe from getting burnt areas.

How To Microwave Onions?

How To Microwave Onions

The two most favorable recipes for microwaving onion using proper timeline and safety tips are as follows:

For sautéing of onion in the microwave

  1. First, peel off the skin and cut it into equal slices for an even brownish look. Next, lightly coat it with olive oil or butter for its safe heating.
  2. Moreover, add salt and pepper for its softening of onion slices and also helps in an enhanced tasty aroma. For an optional sour taste, sprinkle drops of vinegar or white wine on the onion.
  3. Now, spread the seasoned sliced onions in a microwave-safe dish for their even heating process. And cover it with a steam-vent lid to prevent the extra build-up of pressure and help collect vapors for warming the onions.
  4. Microwave the sliced onions at a high power limit for about 5-7 minutes. Mix the Sliced Onion and take the last round of 2-3 minutes of microwaving them without covering them with the lid. So, you get the tender and crispy brown slices of onion for side meals.
  5. Lastly, when taking out the, ensure to open the lid away from you to prevent steam burn.

For baking whole onions in the microwave

For quick and even baking of onion in the microwave, the following things are to be considered:

  1. First, take 4-6 small/medium-sized sweet onions to be microwaved at a safe temperature. Otherwise, using a conventional oven for baking onions can take almost 40 minutes.
  2. Peel off the scales and slice them about ¼ inches from both ends.
  3. Next, carve 1-inch deep hole at the top of each onion with a paring knife.
  4. Use a considerable-sized microwave-safe dish to be placed in the middle of the turntable and away from shelving.
  5. Now, fill the hole with vegetable or meat cubes and cover it with 1-2 tablespoons of butter. Also, apply strokes of butter on the outside if needed. So, the onion gets baked to the core and just not flowing the butter outside.
  6. For seasoning, drizzle the onion top with salt and pepper and fill the baking dish with ½ cup water.
  7. Use a plastic wrap or microwave-safe Silicone lid to cover the onions and dish.
  8. Set up the microwave on a high power grade and bake the whole onions for about 10-12 minutes until soft and ready with its delicious aroma.
  9. Lastly, take out the dish using hot pads and pour the water mixture. And the onions are ready to be served with an extra pinch of seasoning of salt and pepper.

How Long Can You Microwave Onion?

You can microwave onions following different recipes and timelines according to the desired texture. Also, ensure to set up the microwave at optimum power limit and low heating temperature for the safe cooking process of onion.

For fat-free tender onions, marinate sliced onions with sunflower oil, set the microwave for about 2-3 minutes, and gently stir the slices between intervals. You can add extra 30-60 seconds until it warms into a soft golden appearance.

Moreover, if you love adding a crispy bite to these soft caramelized slices of onion, microwave them for an extra 10 minutes. Also, be extra careful while increasing this time limit as only a few seconds difference can eventually get them burnt.

For baking onions in the microwave, set up the microwave at a high power limit and heat them at medium temperature. The baking process in the microwave usually takes 10-12 minutes until they become tender and soft to be served as a delicious side meal.


To sum up, when microwaving onion, it is vital to fill the inside with butter for baking or coat the sliced onion with it for cooking. Thus, the onions get safe heating and do not burn in the microwave. Otherwise, the onions will get dry out!
Moreover, set up the microwave at an optimum power setting and sauté the onion at medium heating temperature. It only requires few minutes to get the onions cooked with a golden texture.
Lastly, for a more crispy texture of onions, add extra rounds of few seconds to ensure they do not get burnt.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fry onions without burning them?

You can prevent the onion from getting burnt by keeping the flames at low heat. Moreover, first, ensure the pan is pre-heated at low-medium flames. Lastly, add the onions and cook them under the same heating temperature until golden.

Can you cook onions by boiling them?

Yes, you can cook onions in salted boiling water with their skin peeled off. It can take 30-50 minutes per the quantity and size of onions. Carry out the simmering until the onion gets tender.

How do you know when your onions are caramelized?

The caramelizing process takes almost 40 minutes with continuous stirring for about 5 minutes. At first, the onions become translucent, releasing the liquid into the pan. Then softening process occurs with forming of caramelization and fond. Next, the onions become jammed and slightly blonde in color. Lastly, the onions get a golden texture and get a caramelized taste and smell.

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