Can You Microwave Pyrex Lids? (Safety Guide)

can you microwave pyrex lids

The reliable glassware Pyrex made from Borosilicate is strong enough to reheat and cook food in the microwave. But, hearing of Pyrex explosion stories leads to cautious thoughts about whether you can microwave Pyrex lids or not?

Pyrex lids are considered microwave-safe if used under proper instructions. They are made heat-resistant and thus can withstand microwave heating temperature. However, do not introduce Pyrex to thermal shock as it will cause its breaking and deformity. When microwaving food, place the Pyrex Lids on the top without closing the latches to ensure the passage of steam.

Thus, to ensure your Pyrex Lids last a longer time, follow the below-mentioned tips that you may have been ignoring unconsciously. While also saving you from the trouble about how to microwave Pyrex lids and the best alternative Pyrex Lids to use when needed.

Are Pyrex Lids Microwave Safe?

The reliable Pyrex brand is famous for its microwave-safe glassware. However, its Pyrex Lids uses Plastics, which adds doubt to its safety when used for reheating and cooking. But to your surprise, it is made BPA and dioxin-free and can withstand high heating temperatures.

All Pyrex kitchenware follows the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements and thus, safely be microwaved when handled with great care. Not only this, the manufacturers test their products’ heat-resistant features many times before introducing them to their customers.

However, always check out the microwave safety instructions before using desired Pyrex lid containers. It will thus help you understand its usage limitations and how can you microwave the desired Pyrex Lid Dish Efficiently?

Can you Microwave Pyrex Lids?

Microwaving food under Pyrex Lids is safe to avoid splatters of food and hot spots inside the microwave. It is designed with a heat-resistant feature to handle extreme environments. However, you need to follow safety guidelines to prevent getting it warped or damaged.

Always ensure to preheat Pyrex Lids gradually to avoid getting them damaged due to thermal shock. Also, the glassware Pyrex products come up with thermal shock resistance up to 428 ° F or 220 ° C. So it can withstand temperature variation going from -20 ° C to 200 ° C.

However, it is not allowed to bring sudden temperature changes to the Pyrex lids. So, avoid placing it on Broilers or stovetops.

Top Alternative Pyrex Lids For Glass Containers

Here are some of the microwave-safe Lids that come up with the perfect size and shape to fit your glass container. They can be used as an alternative to your already expired Pyrex Lid when reheating food in the microwave.

  • Excel Gadgets Round Silicone Lids
  • Longzon Rectangular Silicone Stretch Lids
  • Sophico 2 Cup Round Silicone Storage Cover
  • Perfect and Simple Bowl Lids

These Silicone lids are BPA-free, flexible, and durable enough to withstand extreme temperatures. So get the desired size to microwave food safely.

How To Microwave Pyrex Lids?

How To Microwave Pyrex Lids

Things to consider when microwaving glassware with Pyrex Lid on are as follows:

  1. First, place small pieces of food inside the Pyrex dish. It will help evenly distribute the heat within a shorter period. The Pyrex lids, when exposed to less heating temperature, will last longer and show fewer chances of getting chipped too early.
  2. Allow some space between the food and Pyrex lid to prevent the extra build-up of pressure. Avoid closing the Pyrex lid too tightly and place it slightly on the dish. It helps prevent Pyrex lids explosions and is vital to let the steam pass.
  3. Pyrex bowl is considered one of the best microwave-safe products and is used for all meal preps. It comes up with a handle and carries out the microwave process safely. But you can use hot pads to carry out other Pyrex dishes safely from the microwave.
  4. Allow the Pyrex lid to cool and let the food sit for 1 minute before serving it with a metal spoon.
  5. Lastly, open the Pyrex lid with great care to let the steam vent away from you.

How Long It Takes To Microwave Pyrex Lids?

According to the Pyrex Microwave guide, you can microwave the Pyrex dish covered with its lid at a temperature up to + 300 ° C, while the standard baking temperature is up to 450 ° C. However, if you are microwaving Pyrex kitchenware for a longer duration, look for the instructions mentioned on its Pyrex packaging or consult the website.

All Pyrex dishes are designed to have a specific cooking purpose. So the time may vary according to its usage. When microwaving the Pyrex lid, set up the microwave at an optimum power limit. For even distribution of the heat, ensure taking continuous intervals of 3 minutes.

Lastly, Pyrex Lids can carry out the entire heating process safely within the required cooking time if placed the right way.

Some Additional Safety Tips For Microwaving Pyrex Lids

Here are some of the safety tips and tricks to ensure the Pyrex lids stay durable after preparing food inside the microwave:

  1. When placing frozen food inside Pyrex containers, ensure to defrost it on a low power limit. Also, avoid preheating a cold/empty Pyrex Lid directly in the microwave as it can cause its warping or cracking.
  2. Do not pour hot soup directly into the cold Pyrex bowls covering lids, as any frequent temperature change may lead to its breakage.
  3. When reheating dry foods, add some water to the Pyrex dish and cover it with its lid. By filling the Bottom space with water, it allows the food to reheat gradually and prevents the Pyrex lid from getting damaged due to temperature variations.
  4. When microwaving Pyrex lids, note down the standing time for reheating food. It is to ensure the heat gets evenly distributed.
  5. Wash the Pyrex Lids with a soft sponge and smooth cleaner for its lifetime usage. Otherwise, cleaning with abrasive surfaces too often can cause damage to the Pyrex lid instantly.
  6. For removing stains, use a mixture of water and vinegar. Otherwise, using harsh detergents will decrease the durability of Pyrex products too early.
  7. Lastly, follow the manufacturer guidelines when using specific Pyrex Kitchenware for its safety and proper usage.


To sum up, all Pyrex products, including their lids, are microwave-safe. For its safe usage, always consult the manufacturer.

Firstly, avoid using Pyrex lids that are scratched or already warped. The best way is to replace them with alternative microwave-safe Silicone lids with exact size and shape.

Next, the Pyrex lids are BPA-free and made thermal shock resistant to withstand extreme temperature changes. However, do not introduce them frequently to such variant temperatures as the glassware can crack along with causing deformity to its lid.

Most importantly, put the Pyrex lid on top of the glass container slightly and not too tightly for its steam venting. Otherwise, the dish will get pressurized and cause an explosion inside the microwave.

Lastly, set up the microwave at optimum power limit and standard temperature setting as mentioned in the product’s manual guide for the effective heating process.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Pyrex lid break easily?

Introducing Pyrex lids to frequent heating changes and washing them with abrasive cleaner can cause Pyrex lids to warp and break easily. Thus, handling them with great care while cleaning and heating can prevent damage.

Can you put Pyrex lids in the oven?

The Pyrex Lids are durable to handle microwave heating temperatures. However, do not place it inside traditional ovens for baking unless marked safe by its manufacturers.

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