Can You Refreeze Pizza Rolls? Hell Yeah But How?

can you refreeze pizza rolls

Pizza rolls are super quick to prepare and make a delicious snack. The mini version of your favorite pizza makes pizza rolls a favorite food choice. It would be even great to have these stored at home to enjoy them any time you. But can you refreeze pizza rolls?

Refreezing pizza rolls is completely safe. Whether homemade or store-bought, these rolls can be kept refrozen for up to 4 months. Flash-freezing and proper handling ensure that the pizza rolls don’t go bad. You can even refreeze these bite-sized rolls if they have thawed a little. However, please remember that refrozen rolls might not taste as delicious as fresh ones.

Before refreezing pizza rolls, there are a few essential things that are better to be aware of, or you may end up ruining them. You can follow the instructions given in this guide to ensure the safe refreezing of pizza rolls.

Is It Safe to Refreeze Pizza Rolls?

Yes, it is entirely safe to refreeze pizza rolls. But bear in mind that if the refreezing process isn’t done carefully, you might end up with soggy and mushy rolls.

If the pizza rolls haven’t thawed for more than 2 hours at a temperature greater than 40°F, it is safe to refreeze them. But if the temperature and thawing process was any greater than that, it’s better to throw the rolls out.

Because there is not much moisture present inside these rolls, refreezing them will not be harmful. However, the quality is going to suffer.

Before refreezing, make sure that the toppings used in the pizza rolls are also freezer-friendly.

How Can You Refreeze Pizza Rolls?

How to refreeze pizza rolls

Here is a list of steps that you need to follow for effective handling of frozen pizza rolls in the freezer:

  1. Let the pizza rolls thaw slowly in the refrigerator.
  2. Place the thawed rolls on a freezer-safe tray and place the tray inside the freezer till the rolls have frozen completely,
  3. Now, take out the tray and wrap the rolls tightly in a plastic sheet or a Ziploc bag. Flash-freezing the pizza rolls is a great way to help the rolls retain most of their quality.
  4. You can place the wrapped pizza rolls inside a freezer-safe bag or container to prevent freezer burns.
  5. Once done with the steps mentioned above, put the rolls inside the coldest part of the freezer and let them freeze.

Please remember that wrapping the rolls tightly to keep out the extra air is very important. If available, it is better to use a vacuum-sealed bag for wrapping pizza rolls.

Can You Refreeze Thawed Pizza Rolls?

Yes, thawed pizza rolls can safely be refrozen. However, refreezing thawed rolls may reduce the quality of rolls.

If the ice crystals are still present on the pizza rolls, you can safely refreeze them even when they have thawed. But, if the ice crystals have melted away, it is better to either cook them right away or discard them.

The chances are that pizza rolls that have thawed out over the counter for more than two hours have already started going bad, so it is wise not to use them.

Also, if you think the thawed rolls have started smelling or looking unpleasant, you should trust your gut and throw all the rolls away.

How Long Can You Keep Pizza Rolls Refrozen?

Properly refrozen homemade pizza rolls can be kept refrozen for up to 3-4 months. If you end up refreezing them for any longer, you will notice a noticeable change in the taste and texture of rolls.

In the case of store-bought frozen pizza rolls, it is advised to use the rolls before the expiry date. Also, immediately place it in the freezer for longer shelf life and retain its healthy texture and taste.

Can You Refreeze Pizza Rolls More Than Once?

Refreezing pizza rolls more than once is safe; however, it may lower the quality of rolls.

It is advised you only thaw and cook the portion you need, but if you have thawed extra rolls, you can safely refreeze them in most cases.

The refrozen rolls will not be as flavorful as fresh ones; still, they won’t cause you any harm.

If you are unsure about the quality and think that the rolls may have expired, it’s best to toss them out.


Refreezing pizza rolls is a safe process and results in longer shelf life for about four months maximum. Before refreezing the pizza rolls, it is recommended to let the rolls thaw in a refrigerator.

Methods like flash-freezing and double wrapping ensure that the rolls refreeze in the best way.

If you follow the refreezing instructions cautiously, you can successfully refreeze the pizza rolls so that you can enjoy the unused rolls later.

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